how to easily move past your fears and increase your confidence

The biggest stumbling block to achieving our goals and living our best life usually relates to our fears and the stories we tell ourselves about what we deserve, what we are capable of and whether we believe we are good enough or not.

You’ve probably heard the explanation of fear as “false evidence appearing real” and I don’t really agree with that statement because it’s been proven that fear is actually a real thing. It is a physical, chemical reaction in your body and brain when you are exposed to something that your brain perceives as harmful, potentially harmful or it doesn’t know how to properly process.

Fear is really your brains way of trying to protect you and keep you safe.

how to easily move past your fears and increase your confidence

Your body has a similar chemical reaction to fear as it does excitement. Whether your brain deciphers those chemical messengers as fear or excitement depends on the memories, triggers and pathways that have been formed by our experiences and memories of the past.

Your brain will process what’s going on based on past experiences and follow the same pattern and neural pathway again and again until or unless you reroute or rewire the path.

The great thing about that is that you can EASILY rewire how you process those thoughts, emotions, triggers and feelings and shift them from fear to confidence!

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