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Do you ever look at other people and wish you had the confidence they had?

Do you make excuses and let fear hold you back from being visible online, from sharing your thoughts, talents or business or from showing up and helping people?

Do you let fear of rejection, criticism or judgement keep you from doing what you know you need to do to live a happy, fulfilled and joyful life?

Do you find yourself thinking... "if only I were more confident I would be, do or have..."

If so - there are some things you need to know about confidence...

Confidence is not something you either have or don’t have. No one is born with confidence. Your personality type doesn't determine your confidence either.

Confidence isn’t about your appearance, experience, social media following, finances, accomplishments or what other people think about you.

Confidence is all about building your self-trust. It is a skill, belief & mindset that we can all learn how to develop and have more of no matter our past or personality.

Everything you do (or don't do) stems from your amount of confidence (the beliefs you have about yourself and the amount you trust yourself.)

Every habit, pattern, decision you make, how you show up (or how you hide) in your life, relationships, friendships and career is all based on your self confidence.

The only way to change your level of self confidence is to learn how to shift the stories and beliefs you have about yourself, who you are, what you deserve, are worthy, capable and allowed to have.

Building your Confidence can be easier to do than you think though!

with the Cultivating Confidence Course
& 30 Day Challenge by CEO of Me!

Cultivating Confidence Challenge from CEO of Me

Here's what you'll learn from the training in the

Cultivating Confidence Class & the 30 Day Challenge:

What confidence really is all about it & what it looks like in real life (not what society says)

Why we struggle with having self-confidence (and why it's not really your fault!)

How confident people think & believe, how they act, show up and their habits

How to identify and overcome the thoughts and beliefs that crush your confidence

How to stop being a people pleaser, set healthy boundaries and say no without guilt

How to overcome years of negative self-talk and self-doubtful thinking

How to define success for yourself and create habits & mindsets that build confidence

How to stop comparing yourself to other people & accept & love yourself more

How to take action even when you feel afraid & step into your most confident self daily

After the main training video, you'll go through my 30 Day Confidence Building Journal & Challenge.

The Challenge includes a daily activity to help you build your confidence, overcome your fears and implement the confidence building habits & practices so you can begin living your most confident life right away!

Here's what's included in the
Cultivating Confidence Class & Challenge:

Cultivating Confidence Class Preview

A One Hour Training video with visual aids, captions and outline included in the workbook for taking notes for all learning styles. (This is a self-paced, self-study course with immediate & lifetime of the product access.)

Cultivating Confidence Workbook and Challenge Journal

A downloadable fillable and printable PDF Workbook & Challenge Journal with detailed questions and daily activities for the 30 day challenge to be sure you implement the strategies and build your confidence. 

Cultivating Confidence Bonus Email Training

A bonus email series with weekly confidence building tips, extra support and accountability to prompt you to complete the 30 Day Challenge.. (You can reply & ask Misty basic questions too!)

One-time Purchase Price of $97 usd

Hi, I'm Misty Kearns!

As an introvert, a recovering people pleaser & someone who lives with anxiety, I understand how difficult it can be to put yourself out there, to overcome your fears, to stop worrying what others think and to do what's best for yourself.

I also understand that when you feel confident & believe in yourself, your worth & your abilities that you'll take more purposeful action, develop better habits & be able to live your life with less fear and show up more as your authentic self.

I'm excited to share this insightful training & 30 day step by step challenge to help you cultivate your confidence, increase your self-belief and overcome your fears.

Misty Kearns CEO of Me

Misty Kearns, Mindfulness Coach, EFT Practitioner & Founder of CEO of Me

It's time to step into your most confident self so you can create the life you've been dreaming of!

Get access to the class, challenge & workbook now for only $47! ($97 regular price)

Can you really put a price on your self-confidence though?

Cultivating Confidence Challenge from CEO of Me

One-time Purchase Price of $97 usd

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