Are you tired of struggling, stressing and feeling stuck in a cycle of self-doubt, self-sabotage, unfinished projects and unfulfilled goals?

There is an easier way to become more confident, productive, calm and balanced,  so you can make consistent progress and live a more fulfilling life.

Learn the exact strategies to step into your most confident self, create action plans to reach your goals faster and be more calm and balanced by making the shift to being a CEO of Me.

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Your fears, doubts and habits don’t have to keep holding you back from becoming the person and creating a life you truly love anymore. You can step into your most confident self and start living your best life.

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Hello, my name is

Misty Dawn Kearns

I am a coach, certified mindfulness teacher and EFT practitioner and long-time entrepreneur. My mission is to help others create more calm, confidence, balance and joy in their lives by being more mindful and in control of their emotions, habits and daily schedule.

I'm an introverted, enneagram 5w4, INFP who lives in North Carolina. I love to travel, learn new things, do DIY projects around the house, writing, being creative and enjoying the simple things in life. I am empathic, down to earth, organized and love creating systems and strategies that help people reach their goals and feel more calm, confident and capable.

As your coach, we'll work together to discover your goals, overcome your struggles, and implement proven strategies to help you create better mindsets, habits and thought processes so you can achieve your desired goals, and increase your confidence, emotional well-being and productivity.

I believe that being a CEO of Me is about deciding what success means to you personally, then doing the work each day to become the best version of yourself so you can live a full and rewarding life no matter your circumstances.  My programs and coaching will help you discover what success means to you, enable you to step into your most confident self and create more calm, confidence, consistency & fulfillment.

By implementing the three CEO pillars you'll be able to take control and start living as the most resilient & authentic version of yourself




Understanding who we are, why we act & react how we do, our motivations, beliefs, personality, childhood influences and traumas that created our habits, patterns, thoughts and feelings is the foundation to changing how we respond, show up in the world and begin creating a better life.




Learning how our emotions work, how our unconscious thoughts, patterns and triggers affect us and how to manage our emotions, to stop judging how we feel, setting proper boundaries and working through difficult thoughts and circumstances will help us remain calm, confident and well. 



your life

Self-improvement is an ongoing journey. Once your foundation of mindfulness is built and you have learned the healthier way to manage your emotions - you can begin optimizing all the other areas of your life from your habits to your home,  your relationships, health, career & everything else.

Feedback from customers & clients:

I have learned so much about myself since joining Misty’s programs.

 I now have a clear path to reach my dreams and my goals. 

The support and skills I am learning have given me the tools to accomplish everything I can dream of.

Jeanne Davis 

I’ve always appreciated Misty’s humble, kind & down-to-earth style in her coaching & training.  I have participated in several of her programs & have received a lot of value from all of them.

Misty goes far beyond what I’d expected with each training,  communication & being available for questions when I need extra support.

Ory Thompson

Working with Misty & being part of her coaching programs have helped me gain confidence & self-belief and to see myself as a CEO now.  

The coaching program was an investment in myself. The mindset shifts & personal growth along with the continual support & community have been invaluable!

Kim Teamer

In working with Misty, I always felt she genuinely cared about me and my success. Her systems and success path were easy to follow and implement. She offered lots of accountability and kept in touch between coaching calls to encourage me and was always quick to reply when I had any questions or hit any roadblocks and needed encouragement or to figure out what my next steps should be. She was specific, honest, and encouraging and never made me feel bad for any of my struggles or setbacks. Being a good coach is more than just having knowledge. It’s about helping others apply that knowledge to their own lives so they get the results they want. Misty does that extremely well.

Alison Simmons

Create more calm, confidence & joy in your life today