6 steps to getting back on track to reaching your goals

I love July 1… I like to think of it as a 2nd New Year ?& a chance to start fresh on my goals & plans for the rest of the year. This week is a great time to reflect ? on what you’ve accomplished so far this year and what you want to focus on going forward.

If you’re ready for a fresh mid-year start ?, here are 6 things you can do to make the rest of this year your best!

✅1️. Write out it… Get the fears, doubts, guilt, frustration, disappointment out of your head and onto paper. Then do some forgiveness work for anyone or anything (and yourself). Reframe your fears and look for the lessons from the disappointments so you can turn them into stepping stones instead of stumbling blocks.

✅2. Celebrate your progress & express gratitude. List out every little thing you achieved and accomplished so far this year & all the things you are grateful for. Don’t beat yourself up for what you didn’t do, that won’t motivate you at all. Focus on those small wins and stay grounded in gratitude in order to stay in momentum.

✅3. Review the goals you created at the beginning of the year. Do they still reflect the life & business you want to create? Do they still light you up? Do they still feel aligned? If yes, then recommit to them. If no, then it’s time to create some new goals!

✅4. Create a written vision (and/or vision board) for the next 6 months so you know what to focus on and can begin creating monthly, weekly & daily activities for achieving your best life & biz during the next 6 months.

✅5. Choose a focus word, phrase or affirmation to focus on and be inspired by for the next 6 months. What do you most want to experience, improve on, enjoy more of during the rest of the year? Put this word/phrase/affirmation on your phone screen, your desk, your bathroom mirror as a constant reminder & continual inspiration.

✅6. Take the next step forward. Dreams, goals, and plans are fun, but the only way to actually achieve those goals and start fresh is to take action and to keep moving forward. Forward is forward, it doesn’t matter how slow you go, how many setbacks you have, how fast someone else is going. This is your journey, it’s not a race and the goal is to live your best life & create your best business every single day no matter what.

About the author 

Misty Kearns

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