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Are you ready to create a plan, goals & schedule that will help you be more calm & confident & consistently achieve your goals while living your own CEO of Me life?

If so, sign up now for the

Plan your CEO Life Course

plus get access to my Goal Planning Workbook + Weekly Planner!

Plan your CEO Life Goal Planner, Life Planner and Class

The tools & training, Best Life Goal Planner & Weekly Planner will allow you to:

review what you accomplished & where you struggled in the past so you can know what to work on in the present and future

release the negativity, doubts, frustrations and disappointments of the past so you can start fresh today

celebrate your journey and progress so far and get into a place of gratitude and mindfulness

get clear on your definition of success, your priorities and your vision for your life

learn how to overcome fear, negative stories and how to stop self-sabotaging so you can actually stick with your goals and habits more than just a few weeks

create your goals for your priorities and in the key categories 

learn how to break your goals into monthly, weekly and daily action plans so you know exactly what to do and how to reach your goals

improve your habits, organization skills and decision making abilities

learn simple ways to create more consistency and productivity in your life

prepare your mindset and get inspired to show up as your best self

learn strategies to build more calm, confidence and consistency in your life

begin taking steps to trust yourself and believe in yourself more so you can make better decisions and stay aligned to your values and definition of success

Read what a few people have to say about the course & planners:

Christie C.

"I cannot say enough about the planning training. It helped me so much! It gave me a new perspective and helped me with my negative mindset. The steps to overcome the “stories” we tell ourselves was very beneficial. Breaking down goals into small steps is a huge help too. I know this is going to help me be intentional and focused this year which will undoubtedly increase my business and help me be more present in my personal life too."

Janet P.

"I have been through several different planning challenges and goal planners over the years but Misty's is above and beyond anything else. The way she teaches to set goals, work on your mindset and create habits has helped me feel more confident in myself and reach several of my goals."

Amber J.

"This goal planner is GOLD! The course & planning workbook really helped me understand why I kept being stuck and not able to make progress in years past. I love how Misty reverse engineers goal setting and helps us figure out what's best for us and how to actually get there. The bonus printable weekly planner helps you be more consistent in following your action plan to reach your goals all year long too." 

Misty Kearns CEO of Me


I Misty Kearns. I'm a coach, certified mindfulness teacher and EFT practitioner and long-time entrepreneur. My mission is to help others create more calm, confidence, balance and joy in their lives by being more mindful and in control of their emotions, habits and daily schedule. 

I believe that being a CEO of Me is about deciding what success means to you personally, then doing the work each day to become the best version of yourself so you can live a full and rewarding life no matter your circumstances.  My programs and coaching will help you discover what success means to you, enable you to step into your most confident self and create more calm, confidence, consistency & fulfillment.

I look forward to helping you create a plan to live as your best self and create your own CEO of Me life!

You'll receive the CEO of Me Best Life Goal Planner (download) and a bonus Video Walkthrough to help you complete the Goal Planner, define success, your best self and create a plan for your Best Life.

The Goal Planning Guide has detailed worksheets with questions, guided activities, planning steps and checklists to help you take a deep dive into reviewing, dreaming & planning for the upcoming year as well as setting and breaking your goals down into step by step action plans. (Downloadable PDF)

CEO of Me Goal Planner (Annual Goal Planning Guide)

The CEO of Me Goal Planner is more than your average goal planner. 

It's an in depth, 30 page guided workbook to help you identify your goals, overcome your fears and create a plan to live your best life.


Review & release

In part 1 of the guided workbook, you'll review where you are, what you accomplished, what you are grateful for, where you are struggling so that you have clarity on what you need to work on and the areas of your life that you want to focus on improving. Then you'll do the work to release any negative mindsets, stories, habits and frustrations so you can move forward with a clean slate, confident heart and clear mind.  


dreams & Vision

In part 2 of the guided workbook, you'll get clear on what success in life and what being your best self looks like to you. You'll identify the goals you want to achieve, the projects you want to complete, the habits you want to create, who you want to be and what you want to do and have so you have a solid vision for the year ahead. You'll also learn how to create vision boards and use them to help manifest your goals.


planning & preparing

In part 3 of the guided workbook, you'll learn how to take your vision and turn it into yearly, quarterly & monthly targets & milestones. You'll also learn how to create daily routines to improve your emotional well-being. You'll create a plan for the activities, habits and mindsets that will enable you to stay on track to reaching your goals and dreams.  You'll finish up by creating an efficient schedule that reflects your goals & best life.

BONUS: The Productivity Power Method Class

In this bonus class, I break down the reasons we struggle with productivity, how to overcome those struggles, what to focus on and how to be more productive with my 5 step Productivity P.O.W.E.R. Method.

The Productivity Power Method Class

Included with the course is a BONUS Printable Monthly + Weekly Planner for free! ($27 value)

This printable planner includes goal planning pages and custom monthly pages to write out your priorities, track your habits, plan your weeks and days and review your month to help you with being more productive and consistent all year long. The planner is undated so you can use it year after year. Includes 2 files, 1 with a Sunday Start Calendar & 1 with a Monday Start.  (Downloadable PDFs for you to print yourself.)

CEO of Me Weekly Monthly Calendar Planner Preview


To help with creating your Vision board, I've added 3 Canva Vision Board Templates & a quick training on how to create your vision board in Canva as another bonus too! ($15 value)

Bonus Vision Board Tips + Canva Training

What others have to say about the Plan your CEO Life Course, Best Life Goal Planner & Bonuses:

Kathy R.

"This course and the workbooks and planner and bonuses were way more than I expected them to be and absolutely worth more than the investment. I've paid that amount for just a planner before. Misty is correct that having a pretty planner and vision board isn't enough. You have to do the mindset work and learn how to be the CEO of your own life too. This training really helped me see where and why I had been sabotaging my own happiness. I'm doing the continual work to shift my mindset and implement the better habits and routines. I love having continued access to the goal planner to look back at and go back through each year as I continue to work on improving my life."

Heather R.

"This is my 4th or 5th year doing your annual planning course + workbook and I have to say it gets better and better every year! It's a great way to reset and start the new year off in a good mindset and with a plan in place. I have been able to see growth in my life and more confidence in myself year after year because of your planning training and workbooks. Thank you so much!"

Cindy N.

"This was the best goal setting training I have ever taken. Misty is so thoughtful and thorough in her presentation and accompanying materials."

Ceri B.

"Enjoyed the video and workbook alongside. The questions made you really think about the good in life and how you can work on taking that into the next year to create the life you want and goals to set. It has made me more positive and seeing that to achieve my goals I need to work on the inside goals first."

Eileen R.

"The Best Life Goal Planner is worth the investment in this program, even if you don't use any of the other training or bonuses (though you definitely should!). "

Here's a reminder of everything you'll receive access to:

Plan your CEO Life Goal Planner, Life Planner and Class
  • Plan your CEO Life Class - $47 value)
  • Best Life Goal Planner (Downloadable PDF) - $47 value
  • Bonus #1: Best Life Goal Planning Class - $47 value
  • Bonus #2: The Productivity Power Method Class - $27 value
  • Bonus #3: Monthly / Weekly Planners (Downloadable PDF) $27 value
  • Bonus #4: Creating your Vision Board in Canva Tutorial + Templates - $15 value

Special Offer - Save 50%!


You missed out!

It's time to start living your own CEO life...

Get the Plan your CEO Life Course, Best Life Goal Planner, Weekly Panner & Bonuses now so you can create a plan that will add more calm, confidence & consistency to your life!

Plan your CEO Life Goal Planner, Life Planner and Class

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