I shared the following (along with other thoughts) in my customer vip group a few days and it needs to be said on my other platforms too. <3

I realize that I have not said enough or done enough to make sure my stance on anti-racism and inclusivity was known, nor have I done enough to make a difference with the privilege & position that I have in my business or my life.

I want everyone to know that you are safe in my groups & in my programs and that I will always do whatever is within my power to make sure everyone feels & knows that they are safe, equal, loved, worthy, seen, heard, valued, respected, important & included in all my programs & communication & things I am affiliated with – no matter your race (or your religion, orientation, gender or abilities).

I will always allow, encourage and participate in conversations on what is going on in the world and what’s impacting your business.

I will not tolerate anyone treating anyone else in my communities with hateful, hurtful, racist, derogatory, non-inclusive communication, behavior or business practices. I will always speak up and take action to correct and protect my followers, customers and members.

I realize as a human being and a business owner, that I still have more to learn about racism, inclusion, accessibility and more work to do to ensure that EVERYONE feels represented, equal and included within the programs I offer and my communities, how I represent my business and how I live my life.

More specifically, in all my years in direct sales I don’t recall ever seeing any training, conversations or information shared about diversity, inclusion, accessibility or how we can meet the needs and serve people of color or different abilities. That needs to change and I am willing to be part of starting those conversations & to encourage others to do the same.

The questions I have asked myself this week and that I would encourage each of you to ask yourself are:

Have I done enough, have I said enough, have I stood up for and spoke out against racism & inequality as much as I should in my own life? Have I come to a true understanding of what racism is and how it’s continually perpetuated in my country? Are there any subtle, whispered ways of any bias or prejudice in my own heart? Is there something more I could or should be doing to make a difference?

I don’t want these to be just words of empathy so I’m committing to learning how to do better and taking action to help change things.

I have some additional thoughts and links to several resources to educate ourselves more on racism and what we can do to help change things in this post on my personal profile & will continually add to it as I learn and do more. Feel free to follow me there too: https://www.facebook.com/nwadytsim/posts/10159916827819832

I hope that you will consider making a stand, calling out racism and injustice when you see it and doing what you can to encourage justice, inclusion and change where you are with the position that you have too.

Thank you for being part of CEO of Me & supporting my business and thank you for being who you are! If you need to talk, want to share your experience, have thoughts on how I can do better, please message my FB Page or email me misty@ceoof.me.

I am always willing to learn and improve and will do the best I can to help whoever I can, however I can.

Sending so much love & gratitude to every single one of you & extra peace to those who are hurting, afraid and struggling. <3 Misty

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