Happy Veteran’s Day! This day is extra special to me because my dad is a Vietnam Veteran.

About 12 years ago some of the other men that were in  his unit decided to start trying to find each other and connect again. Many of them were not really sure about this because the Vietnam War was not a pleasant memory for them. In fact, most of them had to come home to a lot of backlash and hatred for being part of that war. It was just how it was during that time, but it was so wrong for these brave men, women and their families to have to suffer shame and hatred when they should have come home recognized as hero’s.  Since then many things have been done to recognize Vietnam Veterans (and Veterans from other wars.) We can’t make right the wrongs of the past, but we can make sure that we honor, respect and pray for our Veterans, our current service men and women & their families today and tomorrow.

I have had the pleasure of being part of a few of the reunions my dad’s unit holds every other year. It is amazing to see how much healing, peace and friendship has been created for my dad & his fellow “brothers” and all of our families.  To my dad & his “brothers” I say an extra special thank you for your service & sacrifice!  Thank you as well to every other veteran and current service member and your families out there!  Freedom is not free and I am proud to support you!!!

The picture above is of my dad and several of the men in my dad’s unit at the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbour in Hawaii during the reunion in 2011. (Which I totally had to tag along on.) 🙂

Please take some time today & every day to pray for & to thank any Veteran’s you know for their service and sacrifice and share some encouragement to their spouses and family too.

Please feel free to leave a comment sharing a special veteran who you would like to honor today OR if there is someone currently serving that I can add to my prayer list, please feel free to comment with their name too!

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