Company logos may seem small and simple, but they make a grand statement about the company or product they represent. Nike® and Apple® as two great examples – a simple check mark and a piece of fruit has been transformed to show and represent multi-billion dollar companies.

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How does a logo transform a company though? Simply put, branding is the key here. Making sure that every franchise, event and item is branded with their mark allows the logo to become a visual reminder of the products, their quality and the brand itself. Think about it, how often in a sports store do you see that famous check mark?  How often have you been to a media or electronics store and seen the Apple mark?

Making the logo stand out and visually appealing is important. You should also contemplate the advertising and usage of the logo. For instance, Nike® shoes do not just put their logo on the inside of the shoe or on the boxes, but also on the outside of the shoe. This way everyone knows the shoe is a Nike® without even having to use the word Nike® on it. We see that check mark on clothing, each time we put our shoes on, on celebrities and athletes all the time. Nike® has imprinted that logo in your brain, causing your memory to recognize it everywhere you go!

Brain development has been a large research point for advertising companies, who are always looking for new ways to sell their product to the masses, and the results have been very impressive. Referred to sometimes as “sneaky psychology”, your immediate memory and also the cognitive, memory based section of the brain is affected by logo marketing.

Is it possible to brand your logo on everything that you make, every event you go to or to everything you sponsor? It is, even if you are not a multi million dollar company (yet!). You can still include your logo on many different things to begin branding your products and services to potential customers and clients.

Companies such as Vistaprint are willing to help businesses of all sizes to begin branding their products.  Vistaprint offers many products from pens, t-shirts, outdoor clothing, cups, journals, electronic branding and more. You can always find great coupons and discounts for all their products too.

Remember to think carefully about the positioning and design of your logo before beginning to market your brand. Your logo represents you and your business in the eyes of consumers.

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