A career in massage therapy offers great promise to the right person. Aside from showing strong growth as a professional industry, the work can be richly rewarding. As more information shines light on the benefit of therapeutic touch, this is an industry which is quickly garnering respect. Opportunities for certified massage therapists exist in every industry from healthcare to hospitality and the base rate of pay also leaves room for growth. Here is some information to consider if you are thinking about a career in massage therapy.

Overall Picture: A Career in Massage Therapy

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On average, massage therapists make around $36,000 per year and typically demand roughly $17.29 per hour according to a 2012 census hosted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The anticipated rate of growth in the industry of massage therapy is about 23 percent, according to the same study. This growth is much faster than originally anticipated. These numbers show a great deal of promise for those seeking a career in this industry.

Common Equipment Used by Massage Therapists

The most important piece of equipment that a massage therapist owns is their table. What type of bed really depends on the type of practice the therapist chooses. Portable tables like these from massagetableoutlet.com are a popular option for several therapists. In order to augment their income a newly certified massage therapist may choose to make house calls, participate in trade shows, or work inside gyms and recreational centers. These types of scenarios make a portable massage table a necessary piece of equipment for a practitioner. Other common tools of the trade are towels, foam rollers, and lotions and oils.

Steps to Take to Join a Career in Massage Therapy

As of 2012, the industry of massage therapy is under regulation in 44 states including the District of Columbia. The educational standards and requirements in the industry are 500 or more hours. These hours accumulate from a combination of education and apprenticeship. Postsecondary schools offer courses on a public and private level. After completing an accredited program, graduates are required to receive licensure through the state where they intend to practice. In some cases, some therapists may be required to also become CPR certified and submit to a background check.  

Benefits of Working in Massage Therapy

Most massage therapists consider their work to be highly rewarding. Contributing to a patient’s quality of life is considered to be satisfying to a person who chooses massage therapy as a vocation. Furthermore, the job growth in the industry opens the doors for many possibilities. More health care practices are seeking professional, certified therapists. In addition, health clubs, spas, cruise lines, hotels, and private practices are offering the benefit of massage to their clientele at an increasing rate.

A career in massage therapy may be a viable option for someone who has a desire to heal others and is also interested in the healthcare profession. Professional healers in this industry who have an entrepreneurial spirit have the option of opening their own practice and stand a strong chance at doing well. If you are the type of person who cares about helping and healing people and are disciplined, you could enjoy a very satisfying and successful career in massage therapy.

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