Great business leaders like former Domino’s Pizza CEO Dave Brandon do not grow on trees. This is why people who get promoted all the way to the CEO position get paid a great deal of money. They earn this money because every decision they make has a huge impact on whether their company succeeds of fails. Therefore, CEOs must have many skills that most people simply to not possess. They must be able to foresee different changes in public tastes that could directly impact their industry, and successfully adapt to these changes. Being able to stay up to date with the times we live in is crucial to every CEO. Here are some helpful tips to becoming a great business leader.

ID-1002629441. Listen to your employees & team members

Happy employees & team members are more productive. This is a fact that all business leaders realize. No matter what industry you work in, it is important to always keep the people who work for you happy. If employees are disgruntled, or if they feel like they are being slighted in some way, they will most likely not be putting all of their heart and soul into their job. Therefore, a great business leader will periodically survey his or her employees about workplace conditions and various aspects of their jobs to find out how they can be improved. The information gathered from these surveys is then used to make employees more satisfied. Brandon used this technique when he was the head of Domino’s Pizza.

2. Predict where your industry is going

The failure to see major industry changes has been the downfall of many companies. As the CEO of a company, it is your responsibility to guide your company into the future. This means making necessary changes before they become standard in your industry. Being one of the first to embrace new technologies or methods of doing business will ensure your company remains on the cutting edge. The last companies to catch on to a great idea are always the ones that fail.

3. Be willing to take advice

The icons of the business world understand that they are not capable of running their companies alone. Likewise, they do not always have the best ideas. This is why listening to the people around them is essential for their success in the long run. There are times when your team members might have a better idea than you. It is your job to realize this and use it to your advantage.

Being a great leader is something that you will evolve into as you, your business and your team grows.  Always be willing to learn from others and look for opportunities in all experiences in order to improve your leadership skills.

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