10 Home Based Business Ideas you can do to be a CEO of Me

Recently on the blog, we have been talking about the pros and cons of being a CEO of Me and also the 5 qualities you need to be your own boss.  This week I want to share 10 different home based business ideas to get you thinking about your own journey to becoming self-mployed, working from home as a CEO of Me®.

In today’s economy it is good to have multiple streams of income or to “not put all your eggs in one basket”. You may want to consider keeping your full time job until your home-based business takes off or working on two different home based business ideas that you enjoy.

 Below are ten ideas of home-based businesses you can do to become a CEO of Me®:

1. Direct Sales Consultant – A direct sales consultant is an independent consultant for a direct sales aka party plan business like Tupperware, Mary Kay, Scentsy, Thirty-One, Celebrating Home, Park Lane Jewels, Usborne Books or AVON (and many more). The direct sales industry is one of the most lucrative home based business opportunities out there offering a flexible, family-friendly business where you can earn an income, cars, trips & products just for marketing the companies products, host program and business opportunity to others via home parties, online sales, fundraisers and direct marketing.

2. Blogger – There are many types of blogs and bloggers on the world wide web. You could begin a blog about any subject from Product Reviews to Christian Living or a Food /Recipe blog or a Couponing Blog or a Craft / DIY blog or parenting a special needs child.

3. Virtual Assistant – There are several type of Virtual Assistants (VA’s). You could do medical billing, coding or transcriptions or you could do traditional administrative assistant work from home. There are also VA’s who help with social media, marketing, blogging, meeting planning, proofreading, editing and more.

4. Photographer – Quality, affordable photographers are always in demand. Whether you want to take pictures of people and events like kids birthdays, weddings or engagements or you want to take pictures of places or nature, if are passionate about photography this may be a great home based business idea for you.

5. Graphic or Web Designer – The world wide web gets bigger every day and so does the demand for graphic and web designers. A little training and a lot of hard work and talent can help you begin your own graphic or website / blog design business from home.

6. Business, Life or Health Coach – Do you enjoy helping other people and have a passion to help others live better lives? Becoming a coach in a specific niche or field might be perfect for you. While you could establish yourself as a coach or motivational speaker based on your own life experiences, it is recommended you take classes and become a certified coach in your field of expertise.

7. Event Planner – Are you the host with the most when it comes to throwing your own parties and family get togethers? If you love decorating, throwing and hosting parties then being an event, party or wedding planner might be a great home business idea for you!

8 . Crafter / Handmade Artist – Do you have a special crafty talent, skill or product you enjoy making? You could start your own online store for those custom, monogrammed t-shirts or handmade jewelry or your chic handbags you make. You can have a store on Etsy.com or add an easy to use e-commerce shop to a website or WordPress blog even. Custom cake creations or cookie decorating may be another DIY business you could start.

9. Writer – Have you always loved the feeling of seeing your thoughts spill onto paper (or the computer screen)? Do you have an inspirational life story or a creative fictional book idea floating in your head? Becoming a published writer may be a business to consider. You could write novels, short stories or even online columns or ebooks.

10. Virtual Call Center Agent – There are many companies that offer the opportunity to be a call center agent providing customer service or technical support to their clients. If you enjoy customer service, talking on the phone and working with people this may be a good option for you. There are some costs involved and you do need to have a quiet home office, computer and land line to do this.

Those are just a few ideas of businesses and jobs you can do from home. After looking at that list, do any of them jump out at you?  What are you truly passionate about? What do you think you would really enjoy doing? Feel free to comment and share below!

  • Nice post. The blogging with a SEO optimized site can make you a lot of money. I just got started with it and my blog ranks on the first page of Google for specific key words.

  • Superb list Misty! I would say blogger is one of the most popular and profitable ways to earn money at home. Thanks for sharing!

    • While u may not become a millionaire overnight if you find the right company with a scentsational product, u can do amazing things! I have seen people quit their jobs as biology professors and even one man quit his job as a lawyer to help his wife run her business as an independent Scentsy consultant! If you don’t try u will never achieve your full potential!

  • I am always looking for this type of post. My hubby has been laid off for 2 yrs and I have been. We have had to dig deep into our retirement fund, so I am looking for legit low cost start-ups that does not consist of parties to help replace some it of it. Thanks, I am gonna look further into a couple of these. My day job is nursing, well actually my night job. I am a grave yard worker. Great post!

    • Thanks for commenting Marge! Wishing you much success in finding a home business that works for you! You just have to figure out what you enjoy, are passionate about and then work hard at it. 🙂

  • Hi Misty!

    I love your blog! I found you through Pinterest and it looks like we have the same goals and interests in life! You have great ideas and are so inspiring to others! It would be great to connect and swap ideas sometime!

    All the best!

    • Hi Ana, no silly questions except the ones that don’t get asked. 🙂 The answer to that question is not a short or simple one though. I recommend checking out Amy Lynn Andrews’ site- Blogging with Amy for tips on getting started with blogging and also the ebooks by Problogger – the links are in my sidebar to the right under “resources we recommend”. There are many options but I recommend a self hosted WordPress site for a professional blog. You can get hosting for about $4 a month with many hosts, I recommend RFE Hosting though – amazing customer support! For a personal blog or if you are wanting to test the waters you can set up a free blog with blogger.com. I also recommend the Mom Blog to Money Blog course by Tip Junkie if you are serious about wanting to learn how to make an income with content blogging. Link is also in my sidebar. It is very comprehensive though the course is a little bit scattered but I did learn a lot from it. I recommend starting off with the Problogger books tho. 🙂 Hope that helps!

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