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The real reason your business is not as successful as it could be
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How to get past the fear of rejection and being told no
The majority of the emails, comments, messages and questions I get from direct sellers and network marketers are about FEAR.[...]
How to accomplish more in your business by doing less
It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when things don’t go as planned, or when multiple things happen all at once and[...]
3 Daily Success Habits that will Change your Business
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3 Ways to be More Productive in your Direct Sales Business
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How to be friends with someone in a direct sales or network marketing business
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How to Overcome Struggles in your Direct Sales Business
I remember going trick or treating as a kid. I loved dressing up in costume and getting to be a[...]
10 Years Ago This Changed My Life Forever
10 years ago it was a mid-October Friday much like today, a gorgeous, end of summer, beginning of fall day, with[...]
How to work your direct sales business more consistently
Being a CEO of Me® as a direct sales business owner means being your own boss in every area and exerting[...]
How to Prioritize Your Goals & Balance Your Business & Life
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5 Ways to Work Smarter in Your Direct Sales Business
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5 Ways to Start and End Your Day Stress Free
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How to get your family & friends on board with your new home based business
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Featured Business Owner – Shaya Sorensen Pink Zebra
Our featured business owner for April is Shaya Sorensen, Ind. Manager with Pink Zebra. Pink Zebra offers home fragrance products[...]
Social Media Scheduling Apps for Direct Sellers and Network Marketers
One of the most common questions I hear in my networking groups is related to which of the social media[...]
How to Create a Blog for your Direct Sales Business
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Letting go of good things so you can have room for better things
We just finished the daily training in our 2016 Direct Sales Planathon which was absolutely amazing! We had almost 3,700[...]
How to change your life and achieve your business goals
I was thinking last night about how different this year's Small Business Saturday is compared to one 9 years ago[...]
30 Days of Thankfulness for Direct Sellers Challenge + Free Printable
With November being Thanksgiving month in the USA, it is a great time to reflect on what you are grateful[...]
How attending Conquer Camp can turbo charge your business like it did mine!
In September of 2015 I saw some emails and Facebook posts about The Conquer Summit (now called Conquer Camp). The Conquer Camp is[...]
How flip-flopping your thoughts can shift you from fear and procrastination to confidence & action.
I train often about excuses, negative mindsets, fears and other things holding us back from being successful. It's pretty crazy to think[...]
Startup Capital: How to keep Costs Low and Profits High
(This is a guest post by Sara Stringer) Some years ago I was putting in the normal eight hours each[...]
Featured Business Owner – Jerri Sargent, Ind. Cons. for Mary & Martha
I am excited to share more information with you today about our August Member's Only Giveaway Sponsor, Jerri Sargent (and[...]
Tips on Marketing Your Small Business
Marketing a small business is a whole business in itself. Whether you’re trying to market your business on your own[...]
How to overcome a slump in your direct sales or network marketing business
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How to decide which direct sales party plan or network marketing company is the best for you
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3 Simple Steps to Creating Better Introductions
You want to introduce two people to one another for a specific reason. If you cannot create an introduction that[...]
Tips to Becoming a Great Business Leader
Great business leaders like former Domino's Pizza CEO Dave Brandon do not grow on trees. This is why people who[...]
How to Deal with the Stress of Starting Your Own Business
Starting a business is incredibly exciting. It is also incredibly stressful. It will likely be the most stressful thing, outside[...]
Grow your Small Business with SCORE Mentors, Sam’s Club & the American Small Business Championship
"This post is brought to you by Sam's Club and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own." I recently had[...]
How small business owners are using Evernote to help run their business
Evernote is an app that has been on the digital market for sometime, but recently more small business owners have[...]
How to Create a Customer Contact and Follow Up System for your Direct Sales or Network Marketing Business
One area I see Direct Sales & Network Marketing consultants seriously struggle with is in the area of following up.[...]
How to connect with new Facebook fans & be a better online marketer
I recently had a direct sales consultant reach out to me looking for advice on how to connect and approach new fans[...]
How to change the negative view of direct sales & direct sales reps
(This post is from 2015 but still relevant on the topic). A recent article on the blog Scary Mommy, has[...]
7 Tips for Succeeding in Business
While there's no such thing as a magical formula that will make your business successful, there are a few strategies[...]
How to Create a Budget and Manage Money as a Home or Online Business Owner
As a direct sales business owner, learning how to handle the financial aspect of your business including how to create a[...]
How to use PicMonkey and Canva to create custom images, fliers and printables for your home or online business
Today I am sharing a video tutorial on how to use Canva & Adobe Spark to create custom graphics, social[...]
Affiliate Program Details
I love helping other small business owners learn how to work smarter, not harder. One of the ways I get[...]
4 Ways to Make Sure you Reach your Goals and Resolutions
Whether it's the beginning of a new year or a new month, it is important to set goals, resolutions and[...]
MUMZY™ – Helping turn creative small business and non profit ideas into reality!
Today I am excited to tell you about a brand new crowdfunding platform called MUMZY™. Everyone knows I am passionate about helping[...]
12+ Books every Direct Sales, Party Plan and Network Marketing Consultant and Team Leader Should Read
Whether you have been in a direct sales, party plan or network marketing company for a few weeks or a[...]
What New UpStarts Can Learn From Chip Wilson, Founder of Lululemon
It’s easy to look at a brand like Lululemon and think “wow, I hope I find at least a fraction[...]
8 Simple Ways to Make Positive Life Changes
We all have dreams and goals but sometimes have a hard time actually achieving them. In order to reach your[...]
Easy ways you can stop procrastinating and be more productive
Mark Twain once said “If you eat a frog first thing in the morning, the rest of your day will be[...]
How the Brother P-Touch Labeling System helps me stay organized & save time!
“I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Brother P-touch. I received a product sample[...]
How to Create a Dream, Vision or Focus Board
I believe in the power of goal setting and visualizing your dreams. What we think about and focus on is[...]
How to turn your work at home wardrobe from drab to fab without sacrificing comfort
One of the biggest perks of being a CEO of Me is that I get to work from home on[...]
Simple Solutions to Common Home Office Problems
Working from home full time means that having an organized and functional space to work in is essential not only[...]
How to Accomplish More in Less Time
We all want to accomplish more during the day. Unfortunately for many of us, our Type A personalities won’t ever[...]
How to control your email inbox so it doesn’t control you
About 2 months ago my external hard drive I use for backing up my laptop died. Before I had a[...]
Why Logos are important to businesses
Company logos may seem small and simple, but they make a grand statement about the company or product they represent.[...]
Vendor Event Success Tips for Direct Sales & Home Party Plan Consultants
If you are a direct sales or home party plan business owner, a great way to get new contacts and[...]
iBloom in Business Book for Women in Business FREE for Kindle April 2-4th!
Are you a Christian woman in business or do you know someone who is?  Today through Thursday you can get[...]
Learning the skills to become your own boss
Learning the skills to become your own boss Understandably, many people have ambitions to run their own business and be[...]
Why being a CEO of Me is so important to me…
Recently in one of the networking groups I am in, another member asked a very intriguing question. She was attending a conference[...] Online Learning Options for Small Business Owners
Last Month I had a chance to review Online Training Library and share a giveaway with my readers. (Read[...]
Considering expanding your business
 Business development is a key indicator of positive economic growth, and expanding a business offers benefits to the owners, employees,[...]
Financial advice for a self-employed woman
For the self-employed, having a great idea for a business is just the starting point.  In order for that business[...]
How Can I Promote My New Small Business?
A highly effective and cost efficient way of promoting your new business is by using business flyers.  Follow our top[...]
10 Home Based Business Ideas you can do to be a CEO of Me
Recently on the blog, we have been talking about the pros and cons of being a CEO of Me and[...]
Improve your knowledge on your own time with Online Training Library
"Live as if you are going to die tomorrow, learn as if you are going to live forever." -Anonymous I[...]
5 Qualities you need to be a successful self-employed CEO of Me
Beginning your own home-based business is a big decision. Once you have considered all the pros and cons, it is[...]
Pros and Cons of Being a Self-Employed CEO of Me
I have been 100% self-employed and living the CEO of Me® life for a long time now. I have a[...]
The Barefoot Executive – Book Review
I have been reading Carrie Wilkerson’s blog for a few years now. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to[...]
Reviewer’s Retreat Regrets
What's that you say? Regrets about attending Reviewer's Retreat? No, no, it's not what you think. You should never assume[...]
Seven actions you can take to reach your goals faster
Have you ever wondered how some people reach their goals faster than others do or how they reach them at[...]
How to Discover Your Vision for your Life
Do you have a set vision for your life? Do you know what you want to accomplish and what you[...]
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Dreams and Spaghettios
In October 2006 the best and the worst thing happened to me. On a beautiful, crisp autumn day I was called[...]
How to shift your marketing to serving instead of selling
If you are a small business owner, you know how important it is to market your business & services. However,[...]
CEO of Me’s Best Advice for Small Business Owners
A couple of months ago, someone asked me to share the best advice I had for a new consultant just[...]
Two words that can immediately improve your customer relationships
Giving excellent customer service and building strong customer relationships does not have to be complicated. That all begins with gratitude[...]