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After trying numerous weight loss programs, a month ago I started learning more about clean eating.  I have been slowly cutting starches, sugars and processed foods out of my diet.  There is a lot to learn about living a healthier lifestyle and eating better. I am trying to read and research as much as I can online, in books and magazines.

One of my favorite magazines to read each month is All You.  When I was out shopping with my mom and grandma last week, I wanted to pick up the July issue but we were not near the local chain grocery store or Walmarts that I typically purchase All You at.  We were in a shopping center with an Ingles in it so I decided to run in for a couple of grocery items and to look for an All You magazine. Thankfully, Ingles carries All You too!
#lifeforless All You available at numerous stores

My favorite articles to read in All You are the recipes, crafts and household ideas. I love finding new recipes to make and finding inspiration for DIY household projects and decor. All You also has exclusive coupons and tips on ways to save money. If you are into fashion & beauty you can find helpful articles and the hottest styles for the season too.

#lifeforless All You Magazine available at numerous stores

I am always interested in the health related articles too. The headline “Kick-start your metabolism & drop pounds easily” caught my attention.  My metabolism definitely needs to be kick started or just started up for that matter! I have the hardest time losing weight or keeping it off when I do actually lose it.

There were many great tips, ideas and information about how to boost your metabolism & eat healthier in the July issue. You can find 6 simple ways to eat and live  healthier that I learned listed below.

  • Be strategic in how you organize your refrigerator.  The author suggests pre-portioning your proteins to help you not overeat when it comes to meal time. She also suggests portioning your produce and putting it front and center to help you choose healthier snacks.  I know I tend to be lazy when it comes to cooking and food prep and will grab the most convenient foods, even if it is not healthy.  Having a selection of portioned healthier meals and snacks that are quick and convenient does help me with making better eating choices.  I have started putting together several snacks and side dishes into individual, serving size Tupperware containers.  I also make sure to put all my produce in my Tupperware FridgeSmart containers so they stay fresh for weeks and are easy to grab and peel or chop when I get ready to eat them.  I also try to just not buy unhealthy foods.  It is a simple principle that if the food is not there in my fridge or pantry then I won’t be tempted and can’t eat it.

#lifeforless All You Magazine Healthy Living Tips

  • Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.  I admit I am a slacker with eating breakfast. I do try to drink a glass of orange juice and eat some oatmeal or granola in the mornings but anything more than that makes me feel quesy. Maybe I need to work out first or wait an hour or so to eat?  Perhaps after a few more weeks I will be able to eat something with protein or more sustenance for breakfast.
  • Include protein with every meal.  Do you get hungry or have crazy cravings later in the evenings or into the early morning hours? That is something I have always struggled with.  When our bodies do not get enough protein throughout the day, it can cause us to have those cravings and hunger pains.  Eating balanced meals with lots of protein throughout the day can help keep you from diving into a box of cookies or carton of ice late at night.

All You Magazine Healthy Living #LifeforLess

  • The real reason you lose muscle with age is simply because you stop using it.  As we get older and have hormone changes, it is even more important to exercise on a regular basis. We should be alternating between cardio and strength training.  I purchased a slightly used treadmill for $100 on Craigslist last year. I am trying to walk on it at least three days a week.  The July All You also had a great article about the benefits of yoga and how to begin doing yoga that I plan to read in more detail.  I am not very flexible but I definitely believe yoga can help you with losing weight, lowering stress and easing joint pain.

#lifeforless Healthy Living tips in All You magazine

  • More sleep equals less eating.  I can definitely attest to this one. I know when I am getting a good 8-9 hours of sleep each night that I feel so much better and I eat a lot less.  When I am sleep deprived I feel like I have to eat to keep my energy level up.  If 8-9 hours is not reasonable for you, try to get at least 7 hours each night and a couple extra on the weekends.
  • A few metabolism burning foods we should all implement into our diet include: citrus fruits, wild salmon, walnuts, eggs, quinoa, avacados, yogurt and dark leafy greens.

The “Healthy You” article mentioned that yogurt is one of the metabolism boosting super star foods. One of my go to snacks when I am craving some sweet, especially cheesecake, is this Fruit & Yogurt Parfait. If you love cheesecake you will really like this recipe. I prefer to use Greek Yogurt and add honey to it. The honey helps take the “twangy” taste of the yogurt away.

Fruit and Yogurt Parfait Recipe #LifeforLess

For an individual serving you need 1 container of Vanilla Greek Yogurt, 2 teaspoons of organic honey and 2 full graham crackers. Mix the yogurt and honey together then add in some chopped up berries. Crumble 1 of the graham crackers and place the crumble in the bottom of your dish, then spoon the yogurt and berries on top. You can top it with a few more berries and 1 or 2 individual graham crackers. Then you can enjoy feeling like you are eating cheesecake without all the calories.

The All You July issue lists several more metabolism burning foods plus many healthy recipes and ideas for better living. You will have to purchase a copy for yourself to read all the great tips & ideas though! 🙂 You can visit http://allyou.com/value to find the store nearest you that carries All You magazine. You can find a coupon to use towards the purchase of your next issue when you visit the above link.  I look forward to getting next months’ issue and learning more household ideas, recipes and healthy living tips.

What about you? Do you love All You magazine too? Have you read this month’s issue? What tips, ideas or recipes did you enjoy? Please leave a comment below. If you liked this post or recipe, I would love for you to share, pin or tweet it. Thank you so much!

  • I started clean eating in January and I have noticed a huge improper in my weight-loss, my energy level, and my mental clarity. I feel great. I also make green juice every morning for breakfast. It’s not heavy and gets a lot of nutrients. Maybe that would help with what you are experiencing?

  • Misty, congratulations on what you describe as clean eating. I call it pseudo -Paleo but it seems we are in the same ball park. I used to drink a 2 liter diet pepsi a day, eat cereal in the morning and before bed, lots of cookies etc etc. By eating mostly Paleo, my life has improved a lot. And I get to cheat on occasion and enjoy a brownie and still get a lot of benefits.

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