Simple Solutions to Common Home Office Problems

Working from home full time means that having an organized and functional space to work in is essential not only to my success but also my sanity.  Whether you work from home too or you have an office space for keeping up with your household & family activities, I am sure you know how difficult it can to keep a home office space organized.

I am always looking for ways to “work smarter, not harder”.  I was excited to have the chance to shop for some new office supplies on and share this sponsored review with you. Being able to shop for what I need on and have it ship directly to me saves me so much time as well as gas money.

I do not have a lot of wall space in my home office and my desk is small.  A simple solution for a lack of desk space or work space is a card table. They are inexpensive (under $30) and fold up for easy and space saving storage when not in use.  The card table makes a great extra work space beside of my desk whenever I need it. I can also use it in the living room or kitchen when I have guests and need it for serving extra food or for extra seating.

simple ways to improve your home office

Having an extra work space area is a huge help when I am putting together hostess packets, stamping catalogs and fliers or working on mailing out gifts and thank you notes.  I also like to do crafts and gift baskets from time to time. In the past I would work on all these things in the floor. Yes, that’s right I said the floor.  That was not an efficient or comfortable way to work.

I had been drooling over was a 12×12 paper cutter for some time now. I print postcards, business cards and fliers all the time that need to be cut. My cutting skills rival those of a preschooler, so the X-Acto® 12″ Heavy-Duty Paper Trimmer has been a huge help! It may be heavy duty, but I was surprised how lightweight it was. It weighs less than a pound and is easy to pick up and move from one room to another or to take with me to meetings and events when I need it. This product offered another simple solution and was priced at under $35!

Simple Solutions to Common Home Office  Problems

You can also see how I am using the top of a bookshelf as additional work space.  This is a recycled bookcase that used to be in my living room. I now have small 3 drawer bins and baskets with other office supplies, extra printer toner and paperwork on the shelves. I use the top as an area for my new paper cutter, a desk organizer (also from Staples) and 2 file boxes.  It helps keeps my desk clutter free.

One other item that I think is essential to working smarter, not harder that everyone should have is an external hard drive. Whether it’s work files or all those treasured family photographs, everyone needs to be backing up their data. My old external hard drive died a few months ago and sadly my laptop died too before I had the chance to purchase a new external hard drive and do a new back up.  I lost a lot of work files, customer contact info and some photographs I can never get back now. I back up my files each week on my new WD Elements SE 500GB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive now.  I love how small and compact this external hard drive is. It fits in my laptop bag or purse even! My other one was 1/3 the size of my laptop.

staples makes it easy to have a home office

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or a lot of time to make your home office space efficient and organized. A card table, a desk organizer, storage systems and a back up drive are all affordable, simple solutions to common home office problems. makes it easy to purchase all the other basic office supplies like  envelopes, printer paper, pens, printable labels and file folders that I use all the time too.  Staples also offers free shipping on orders over $75. Plus you can get 5% back on all your purchases when you sign up for their rewards card.

What do you think of these simple solutions? Do you have any other home office organization tips or ideas? I would love for you to leave a comment below & share this post. Thank you!

*Disclosure: I received products as compensation for this review from Staples. Regardless, all opinions and images are mine unless otherwise stated and were not influenced by the compensation. I only share products and companies with my readers that I personally endorse or feel are beneficial.

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Great article and LOVE THE BLOG! Congrats! I will be sharing this post and blog on my own. Looking forward to reading more 🙂

Renee Hanna

Hi there – First, let me say I love your blog! Just found my way over today (thank you Pinterest) and am now happily perusing your lovely site. I’m going to use your card table idea…genius!

I wanted to suggest another {very simply} backup option for you. While external HDs get the job done, we find online backups to be very successful. Let’s face it, hard drives fail, natural disasters strike and, unfortunately, theft occurs. In any of these situations both your computer and your external hard drive could be compromised. More importantly, with an external hard drive you have to be consistent in your backup routine and there is generally some lag time between data creation and the next scheduled backup. The beauty of online data storage is that your data is always safe from failure, theft or disaster AND you don’t have to do a thing. Set the schedule and let the magic happen each night, voila! Yes, there is an annual fee (starting at a just a few dollars) but, in my opinion, the price is well worth the piece of mind.

Again, thanks for sharing this post and your blog with us! Love it!!

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