Something About Silver is one of my favorite jewelry companies. I have a couple pieces of jewelry from them and I wear them all the time.  Something About Silver offers custom, unique hand stamped silver jewelry. Their products are made when you order them right here in the USA by skilled craftsmen.

They are hosting a really wonderful Valentine’s Day Contest this week. You can participate and be entered to win $250 cash AND a $75 gift certificate to purchase anything you want from them. The winning photo will also be showcased on their Facebook page.

Something About Silver “believes children are the world’s greatest inspiration for love; always showing their love so purely and sweetly. (They) decided to have this contest so everyone can have a special reminder around one of the greatest days for loving others AND to win some cash & free jewelry. Join now and don’t miss out!”

To enter: (they) are asking you to email a photo of your child/grandchild showing someone their love. It could be a snapshot of them holding hands, kissing a cheek, sharing a hug or even serving the marginalized in a distant country. An intimate panel of judges will select the best 10 photos to be placed into a poll which will be placed within their blog for collecting votes. The one who collects the most votes will win!”

You can find out all the details about the contest and enter to win at this link:

If you are chosen as one of the Top 10 please let me know so I can vote for your photo! 🙂

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