What’s that you say? Regrets about attending Reviewer’s Retreat? No, no, it’s not what you think. You should never assume remember? 🙂

Me & Meagan from Sunshine & Sippy Cups

I had a wonderful time at Reviewer’s Retreat and have been thinking about the entire experience the past few days.  It was my first blogging conference but not my first business conference. I felt like I sort of knew what to expect so I wasn’t really all that nervous.  Which was a little bit odd for me; usually I am not that comfortable around a group of strangers. I guess I have gained a lot of confidence and definitely come out of my shell in the past few years. That is mostly thanks to my experience in my direct sales business.  Shoot, five or six years ago there was no I would have even gone to a conference like this. (Yes, I just started a sentence with “shoot”; its okay I am from the South, that’s how we talk here ya’ll.)

Reflecting back on those 48 hours spent at Reviewer’s Retreat I have just one regret.  I wish I would have connected with more of the amazing bloggers there. I spent a lot of time with my awesome roomies of course and connecting with bloggers that I already knew from online. I was really excited to finally get to meet them in person and spend some time in the “real world” with them.

I did meet and connect with several other bloggers too. Some of them I had never heard of their blogs, some I was a little familiar with and some I have followed their blog for a long time but never had connected with them online even.  It was great to put faces with names and meet a few new people.  I just hate that there were so many bloggers I didn’t get a chance or make a point of connecting with during the retreat.

Me & Eleanor from Bellesouth

It was wonderful being with a group of bloggers who all have a similar mindset about blogging and being self-employed. These bloggers want to take their blog seriously and become professional bloggers.  They want to do more than just blog, they want to connect with their readers and provide something of value to the world.  I am in a lot of networking groups with a lot of bloggers and unfortunately not all of them feel that way about making their blogs a professional business or making a difference and connecting with their readers.  It was awesome to be with so many other likeminded CEO of Me’s. 🙂

I hope I am able to connect more online with those who attended Reviewer’s Retreat that I didn’t get to connect with in person at the retreat through Twitter and Facebook. Hopefully we can all stay connected and support, encourage and challenge each other to continue to put into practice all the things we learned!

If we didn’t get to connect in person at Reviewer’s Retreat then I do apologize and I hope to meet you in person at Reviewers Retreat 2013!  Next year I will be more a schmoozer! 🙂

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Misty Kearns

  • I hope. To go to this conference one day. I’m trying to learn how to become a professional Blogger myself. Any tips would be great.

    • Hi Katherine! One thing I definitely recommend is reading ProBloggers book First Week of Blogging – even if it’s not your first week of blogging, this book has tons of great tips to get your blog off to the right start. 31 Days to Building a Better Blog is really good too it has a lot of the same info and the First Week Book so you may want to get that one. My links for the books are over to the right in the sidebar under Misty Recommends 🙂

      Network with other bloggers and read / research everything you can about blogging and business, marketing, social media too! I’m still learning as I go and Reviewer’s Retreat definitely helped me a lot too!

    • Hey Dusty! 🙂 I soooo wish I could go to RevRet 13! Since they changed the date though, it is the same week that I have a business event that I attend/do every year that I cannot miss so I can’t be there. I’m so sad but there’s just no way. 🙁 If it was any other time I would totally be at RR. You will have an amazing time! Yes Meagan is awesome and so sweet!!

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