Home is where the heart is. It is also where many of the most important things in your life are – your family, your memories, your personal treasures and the majority of your possessions.  That is why it is so important to take good care of your home and everything in it.

Managing a household and keeping up with all your home maintenance, projects and expenses can be difficult though.  It is difficult to remember everything we need to. Receipts, papers, appliance instruction manuals and warranty papers often get misplaced. Making sure you stay on budget and tracking household expenses is essential. With everything going on in our busy day to day lives, it can be frustrating to try to keep track of everything.

After beginning to do some projects around my house, I realized I needed a better way to keep up with everything. I tried spreadsheets and copying and pasting ideas into documents but it just did not seem efficient or effective. I was spending more money that I intended to and could not find several of the design ideas I had pinned.  It was frustrating to keep up with everything so when I was asked to review HomeZada.com and it could not have been better timing!


 I was not familiar with HomeZada but was impressed as soon as I began looking at the features on their website. HomeZada was created out of personal need when the cofounders were trying to manage their homes but nothing was available.  Having a HomeZada account is a great solution to keep track of everything about your home and to stay organized. From tracking and keeping up with projects and expenses to managing your home and appliance warranties, you can do it all in one easy to use website.

I recently did some minor renovations to my bathroom.  The house I currently live in was built in the 1950’s. The bathroom has not had many updates since the eighties.  What started as minor cosmetic changes turned into much more. We painted, replaced the vanity and sink, put in a new faucet and new light fixture. It would have been great to have been using HomeZada to track my bathroom project and keep up with expenses.

My next project will be my living room. I have already set up the project in my HomeZada account to help me track expenses and keep up with my to do list, purchases and ideas.  You can create projects as wish lists or in progress projects then mark them as completed or cancelled. Once you complete your project you can move any new items purchased to your home inventory list. Have you ever forgot what color and brand of paint you used in a room?  No more forgetting with HomeZada  as you can include that info in your project and inventory.


For my living room project, we will be painting, doing some work on the ceiling (which is sagging) as well as updating the trim and moldings.  I am also going to be refurbishing an older entertainment center and giving it a new life & look. I have already had custom drapes and pillows made so I was able to include the cost and fabric brand in my household inventory list too.


A few other things I love about HomeZada are that you can add links, images and upload documents for your projects. When I find a paint color or piece of furniture or decor idea, I can add it to my project in my Homezada.com account for easy future reference.  I can also assign tasks to my family members.  My dad is going to be helping me refurbish the entertainment center, so I am able to collaborate with him on that project.

HomeZada can also help you with creating and maintaining an inventory of all your furniture and appliances too.  You can also keep track of various warranties, purchase dates, the price  and value of everything inside and outside your home.

Did I mention you can also use HomeZada on your Apple and Android tablets and smart phones?  I love being able to pull up my project list and check my budget on my phone when I am away from home or out shopping for items.

I am sure once the living room is finished I will move on to the kitchen, then probably to the bedroom, then the back yard. One thing always leads to another when you start refreshing and updating your home.  I love being able to easily track, plan, budget and record everything related to these projects with Homezada.com.

You can learn more about all everything that HomeZada offers, pricing and how easy it is to use by going to www.homezada.com.  You can also follow their social media accounts at: Facebook www.facebook.com/homezada, Pinterest  www.pinterest.com/homezada and Twitter www.twitter.com/homezada.


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Misty Kearns

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