Direct Sales Online Party Success Course by CEO of Me
Direct Sales Online Party Success Course by CEO of Me

Are you ready to increase the average sales of your Facebook parties plus get bookings & recruits?

Do you want to have guests who rave about your parties and come back to shop again & again?

Would you like to feel confident about doing your own awesome videos & live demos? 

Do you want to save time by creating a simple system for all your parties that's fun & easy?

How much of an impact would an extra $100-$200 one, two, three or more times a week make in your life & business? How about being able to make that extra income without having to leave your house?

Let me show you how to do all of this in an easy, fun & systematic way so you can
feel more confident about booking parties & get better, bigger results in less time!

What others have to say about this training:

"I have never been successful with FB parties until TODAY!! I just set the party up last night & after following Misty's step by step directions, today we have 12 RSVPd, tons of interaction and even a sale already!! This FB party is off the chain exciting! The interaction is awesome!! I can't wait to see what else unfolds!"  UPDATE After the Party:  "If you haven't yet tried Mistys Facebook party training... Go NOW and get it! My FB parties are always just average. I purchased Mistys training this month and did my first party with her format. These were my results: $1006 in sales, 3 recruits and 3 bookings!!! Soooo worth the investment!!!" -  Sarah Rose, Norwex Senior Executive Leader

"Anyone who hasn't purchased this course needs to do it now!!! This is the most comprehensive training I have ever seen. The value of the course out weighs the cost. Even at regular price!  I just finished up my 1st Posh party with Misty's Party plan implemented and I have to say it was not only one of the most successful parties but also the most fun! I was scared to do it so I only invited 3 vip friends and all attended placed orders of over $100 each. They said it was the best party ever!  So far I have 3 parties booked and 1 possible recruit too!" - Marie Jones, Perfectly Posh Premier Consultant

"This training is Amazing. Misty goes into detail to make sure she covers every aspect of Online Party Training! A MUST for you to explode not only your Facebook parties but also your home parties!" - Susan Cox, Pink Zebra Executive Manager

"This course leaves nothing out, it's more than just a simple how to, Misty shares a step by step plan so you can immediately start creating your own online party system. I realize now it's more than just what you do during the party but also before and after to get better results. Thanks so much!" - Jessica C.​

"I was really struggling with my Facebook parties and feeling like they were a waste of time because hardly anyone would attend or participate. After watching your training and trying a couple of your tips, my guest attendance and average orders almost tripled with the very first party and I met my first sales goal! I am excited to start using more of the tips and system you train on! C.T., Tastefully Simple

"This training rocks! Just finished and am inspired to get started!" - Stephanie S. 

"I just have to tell you that I tried the live online party style you recommend at my party last night and could not believe how many people participated! I had more orders than my last few parties and booked 2 parties from it too!" - Lorie C., Tupperware Ind. Manager

"I have been wanting to do online parties for a while but really did not know where to start. Your training has helped me feel totally prepared to do them now." - Nicole M.

"Wow, so many great ideas and tips for creating really fun and interactive parties! I love the party flow template that is included & can't wait to try it!" - Amanda R., Jamberry Nails Ind. Consultant