Today I am excited to tell you about a brand new crowdfunding platform called MUMZY™. Everyone knows I am passionate about helping other women turn their small business dreams into reality. MUMZY™ was created by a mompreneur, Catherine Merritt who shares that same passion. You can submit ideas or projects and use the site to raise money to help launch and fund your product idea, small business or non-profit.  MUMZY™, while created and geared towards moms, is not exclusive to just moms. As they say on their site: “If you have played a motherly role to someone else, person or pet, then MUMZY™ is for you!”

MUMZY™ Crowdfunding Site for Women and Mom Entrepreneurs

MUMZY™ is more than just a fund raising site, they provide resources to help you learn how to develop your idea into a business as well as create a plan for continued growth once your funding campaign is over. You can also find and be part of a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs. The site is brand new and just now starting to gain momentum. You will want to check back often for new campaigns and resources as the site continues to grow.

I think this is such a wonderful idea and great opportunity that will help so many women be able to change the world! What great ideas do you have that you would love to turn into a business?  Are you crafty and creative, making cute clothing accessories that you would love to sell on a bigger scale? Do you have an idea on a product that would make life easier for other moms, women or small business owners? How about creating a non profit to provide assistance and support for families or people with a specific medical condition that has impacted your own life?  Whatever you are passionate about, using MUMZY™ is a smart and simple way to grow your dream into a real business or thriving nonprofit.

MUMZY™ Crowdfunding Site for Women and Mom Entrepreneurs

It is really simple to set your dream or idea into motion using the MUMZY™ platform. Simply visit and create a free account. You can then explore the campaigns to see how the campaign will look when you have it set up and connect with the community.

To create your campaign, simply click on “Create” then fill in all the fields on the form. You will enter the project name, description, choose a category for it and set your funding goal. That’s all there is to it! Once your project is created, you can have the campaign be live for a maximum of 90 days. You will then want to start sharing the link on all your social media networks to get the word out and start getting funding.

MUMZY™ Crowdfunding Site for Women and Mom Entrepreneurs


Here is an example of a campaign someone else is running that is already off to a great start.  It only takes a few minutes to set up your campaign and get it going. Just think within a few weeks you could have the funds to start turning your awesome idea into a real business!

MUMZY™ Crowdfunding Site for Women and Mom Entrepreneurs


Whether or not you have a small business idea, you can support other women entrepreneurs through the MUMZY™ platform. Create your free account on and check out all the campaigns. Support the ones that resonate with you and share them with your own network.  Be sure to share MUMZY™  with all your friends, especially those who are looking to start their own small business or non profit and need help with funding and resources to get it off the ground.

What do you think about MUMZY™? Will you be using it to fund your own business idea? I would love if you leave a comment below and share this post with others. Thank you!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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Misty Kearns

  • I know you said Mumzy isn’t just for moms but for anyone who has ever been a mother figure to anyone else. Is it strictly for Women-only? Is there any sort of service fee?

    I’m curious because this could be another great resource for some of the women that apply for our Amber Grant. We will have to do some research on this page!

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