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Hey direct selling friend, are you so busy working on the admin, content and marketing side of your business that you don't really spend enough time in your business doing the things you know will move you forward and get the results you are dreaming of???

Would you like to stop spinning your wheels and start working smarter, connecting with more people who get you, who want what you have to offer and are ready to say, heck yes, sign me up, let me shop or let's party???

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I'm here to tell you that you don't have to spend all your time trying to figure out what you should be doing next to grow your business, getting everything organized, thinking about what you should be posting on social media or making images:

because I've done all the work for you with my Direct Sales Success Booster Bundles!

Each monthly bundle includes worksheets for planning, goal setting & marketing, plus content ideas for social media, parties, events, recruiting & lead generation, pre-made social media images & bonus templates & tools to boost your business!

Calendar pages, goal setting, activity planning, productivity tools, templates & worksheets included for each month to help you get on track, stay there and get more results through consistent, focused planning. 

Daily income producing activity (IPA) ideas to help you always know what to do to grow your business, attract new customers, hosts & recruits and connect deeper with your current customers and team members. No more wondering what to do each day to grow your business with these ideas to keep you consistent!

100+ ideas each month for authentic, engaging, result-getting written, visual, video & livestream content to post on your social media channels, blogs and websites during the year.

50+ pre-made images each month with quotes, questions, templates with unique & engaging content to use on your social media and blog that you can add your own website, watermark, logo and additional content to easily using Canva, Picmonkey, Wordswag and other apps to brand yourself and stay visible online during the year.

Templates, worksheets, printable tools for a different key area in your business.  (Things like stickers, labels, party planning tools, team building images, leadership tools, event signs, content planning, checklists, worksheets, postcards, VIP group games, party themes, organization and more!) New templates each month!

Monthly Live Training on a different topic & a Q & A Session with me on Zoom for all Booster members. This is a great way to get your questions answered, learn new ideas for growing your business & get support right where you need it! The sessions are recorded so you can watch them later too.

Access to my Success Circle VIP group. We don't want you trying to figure out everything on your own! In my VIP group you'll get access to additional training, support, confidence boosting tools, motivation and networking plus weekly events and so much more!

I know you probably want to SEE a preview of what's included in the Booster so check out the preview videos below for March's Bundle which you'll get access to immediately after joining. April's bundle will be released on March 5 to give you plenty of time to prep and plan for the upcoming month.

Who's behind CEO of Me® & this "booster" program?

Misty Kearns, Certified High Performance Coach &
Founder of CEO of Me®, Introvert, Systems Geek, Night Owl, Passionate about helping other women gain confidence & work smarter

Building your own successful
direct sales business doesn't have to be stressful or overwhelming! Let 
me help you work smarter, save time & get more results with my Direct Sales Biz Booster Bundle!

Well hello there! I'm Misty Kearns, Coach and mentor for direct sellers and network marketers! I'm a small town girl who loves the beach and hates getting up early. I'm an introvert who struggles with self-confidence and not being perfectionist and never dreamed I would build a career in direct sales and leadership! 

I started in direct sales in 2006 for the discount with no intention of building a business. Back then I was 24/25 years old and didn't have any self-confidence and there was no way I thought I could speak in front of people much less be a team leader! After losing my full time job (cough, cough, actually getting fired...) and really, really (did I say really?) not wanting to go back to the corporate world, I decided to dive into my direct sales biz until I figured out what I was going to do with the rest of my life.

I was deep in debt and not sure about this whole direct sales thing, but I knew I wanted something more for my life and a career I could be passionate about. I found out I loved direct sales & my life was forever changed! I was able to replace my full time income in less than 6 months & a year after losing that job I earned my first free trip to Hawaii, then the keys & title to my own free convertible! As a top leader, I consistently placed in the top 20 Directors for my Region & even as #17 in the US & Canada for 2008-2009.

Direct Sales is about so much more than the income & prizes though. It is about using what you gain from the business to help you reach your goals and improve your life. It's about building your own confidence, being part of a supportive tribe and making a difference in other's lives. I have loved getting to be my own boss & it's a true joy to get to empower others to be more confident, authentic & successful too.

My true passion is empowering & teaching others how to build their own successful business. After being a Top Leader with my company for many years, I started this little blog called CEO of Me® to share my journey, tips and ideas which led me to begin selling some of the custom tools and templates I had created for my own business. I realized that I was being called to move on from my direct sales career and become a coach so that I could help other direct sales/network marketing professionals reach their goals and dreams too. That's why I've created the Monthly Business Booster and many other programs and products to help you work smarter, save time, attract more leads & get better results through!

Building your own successful direct sales biz doesn't have to be stressful and overwhelming! When you subscribe to the Success Booster each month you'll get access to a PDF bundle with calendar & planning pages, goal & marketing worksheets, new templates for different areas in your business, a done for you marketing plan for social media, videos, promotions and events, 30+ pre-made images you can customize and use on social media and income producing ideas to boost your business! You'll also get to enjoy more support and training from me in my exclusive Success Tribe VIP group too! I can't wait to connect with you and help you boost your business!

How does it all work?

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    When you subscribe you'll get immediate access to the current and/or upcoming month's bundle via our member's website. You'll then receive access to next month's bundle on the 5th of each month.  
  • This is an automatically recurring membership (monthly or annual, whichever you choose). You can cancel anytime before your next renewal if you decide it's not for you.  There are no refunds on past renewals or if you forget to cancel before the next renewal.  You can easily email us anytime to cancel before the next renewal though, no hassle, no problem, no questions asked!
  • Each bundle has 15+ planning, goal, productivity & tracking worksheets, income producing themes & ideas for the month, marketing, content & social media posts and pre-made images you can customize.
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    All the files are digital downloads you get access to & can download anytime online via logging into our CEO of Me member website
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    The printable bundles are in a PDF format, so you only need a free PDF reader to open them. The images are all .JPG format so you can download/open those on any device. 
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    The bundles do come in a .zip format because of the large file size so you'll also need to be able to open a zip file (don't worry we even give you a tutorial on how to download, open, print and use the PDF and images.)
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    You'll receive an email when new bundles are posted
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    Booster members also get exclusive free bonus templates & images a few times a year (who doesn't love surprise bonus freebies?)

Let's do some math...

I know, I hate math too (unless it involves money!) but let's think about this for a minute...

How many hours each month would it take you to create / come up with over 100 different post/content/video/marketing ideas?

How many hours each month would it take you to create 30+ custom quotes, questions and engaging marketing images?

How many hours each month would it take you to create new custom templates, designs and worksheets for your business?

How many hours each month do you spend (admit it, probably waste) on social media trying to figure out what to post, where, where & how?

How many hours each month do you spend feeling overwhelmed, stressed, disorganized and frustrated in your business?

Maybe 10 hours, 20 hours, 30 hours or even 40+ hours??? That's an hour+ a day or an entire "work" week!

What could you be doing with all that time instead if you had a "done for you" business & marketing plan?

Connecting 1 on 1 and following up with your past customers, hosts and potential team members

Generating more leads for your business with lead magnets, live videos, opt-ins and events

Holding 2-3 more parties (online or in person) 

Setting up at 1-2 more vendor events

Getting more sleep, having more free time, enjoying your life & your business more

Spending more time with your family or if you're single like me, traveling to more cool places

In other words: making more money and getting more results instead of spinning your wheels & banging your head in frustration - that's some mathematical logic I can get behind!

You don't just have to take my word for it though:

Joining Misty's Program Changed Everything!

I joined because I was feeling overwhelmed by the sudden success of my business over the summer. I was killing myself trying to keep up parties, customer follow up and new recruits. It was affecting my family and I knew the school year would only get busier. The planning pages were what caught my attention because I LOVE organization. Joining changed everything! I took one idea at a time and put it in place over the next 2 months I was breathing so much easier. I was feeling like I finally had control over my life again. - Alison Simmons, Norwex Ind. Consultant

It helps me stay focused on the things I need to do for my business.

I love how the Success program has helped me stay focused on the things I need to for my business with the Monthly Biz Bundles and trainings. The training tracks are also very helpful. I can access them anytime I have questions or need a refresher. There's just so much helpful information and templates. I definitely recommend this for anyone ready to get their business going! - Jessica Cultice, Younique

Views & interactions in my VIP group have improved significantly since using the monthly marketing plan & post ideas!

I've been using your monthly post suggestions from the Business Building Bundle's Marketing Plan) for each day and changing the times I post it to my VIP page. And I just noticed that my views for each post has quadrupled and interaction has improved too, which is awesome!!! Thank you for that!!  - Silvia Slutsky, Ind. Thirty One Consultant

Misty speaks from experience and shares what works for her & comes up with plenty of new ideas to keep things fresh & keep you motivated...

Misty is an awesome person and she loves to share ideas and helpful suggestions that can grow your business. She speaks from experience and shares what worked for her and comes up with plenty of new ideas to keep things fresh and keep you motivated. Debra Chambers, AVON Ind. Sales Rep & Advanced Unit Leader

The CEO of Me Monthly Success Booster Bundle can help you save time, work smarter and get more consistent results!*

*Disclaimer, you do have to actually use the tools, content, templates and worksheets on a consistent basis to get those results. I can't do ALL the work for you. 🙂

Save yourself hours and hours of time, energy, effort and frustration!

I would say it's a no-brainer but you've got an incredible brain and heart already because you are sharing an amazing business and have beautiful goals that only you were put here to achieve! 

All you need is a little boost to help your business thrive - so let's get you ready and set to grow!

Join Now & Get Immediate Access to the March Bundle, then get April's Bundle  on March 5 so you can get your plans ready for next month too!

Monthly Membership - $17

Subscribe now for only $27 per month!


Cancel anytime before the next month's renewal!

Quarterly Member - $51

JOIN AS A QUARTERLY MEMBER & LOCK IN SPECIAL PRICING OF ONLY $51 every 3 months PLUS get a my Success Planner System (1 Design) OR Marketing Templates as a FREE Bonus Gift! ($37 value) when you join as a Quarterly Member!

Cancel anytime before the next quarter's renewal!

All sales final. No refunds or exchanges.  This is an automatically recurring subscription membership. You can cancel your subscription anytime before your next renewal if you don't love the tools or decide it's not right for you.  There are no refunds given on past renewals though since you will have already received the products.  Cancelling is as easy as sending an email, no hassle, no questions, no problem! 
If you have any other questions give us a shout at 

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