Royalty Free Stock Photography Happy New Year 2012Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful time ringing in the New Year with friends and family!

There is just something rejuvenating to me about the beginning of a new year. It’s like I see the 12 months ahead as a beautiful white canvas ready for me to paint. I can’t wait to throw out some new colors and draw some new dreams on the canvas of 2012!

I am so ready to let go of last year! I don’t know about you but I struggle with a guilt complex. I am very hard on myself. I have a very hard time forgiving myself for my mistakes. I also have a hard time letting go of things, people, relationships, fears, doubts and the list goes on.

Sometimes it feels like those guilty feelings, negative thoughts and fear are just stuck to me like barnacles on a boat.  They make my life feel dingy, rusty and just plain ugly. Try as I might I just can’t seem to shake them.

That’s part of why I love New Year’s so much. It’s a chance to wipe the slate clean and to scrub the barnacles off and just start the year all fresh and sparkly clean!

I’m sure you’ve heard the song “Auld Lang Syne”. It’s the theme song for New Year’s that no one really knows the lyrics to but they try to mumble their way through when it’s played at midnight.  When I was younger I thought the lyrics “should auld acquaintances be forgot” were actually “should all our plankton be forgot“.

That lyric made sense to me for a couple of reasons. First I always got plankton and barnacles confused when I was a kid.  Second, it just made sense to get rid of the plankton (barnacles) in your life, to forget them, to scrub them off.  It’s an old song, I suppose I thought maybe some old Captain John J. Jacobheimer Schmit of the Bonnie Blue wrote the song? It just totally made sense in my mind. (Just like how I used to think “later on we’ll conspire as we dream by the fire” in Winter Wonderland was “later on we’ll perspire as we dream by the fire“.)

Even though I know the correct lyrics now (and the difference between plankton and barnacles), I still choose to sing it as “may all your plankton be forgot”. I think it’s a good thing to forget our plankton and to clean off the barnacles on our rudders so we can start fresh each new year!

Here’s to forgetting all our plankton & having a very Happy New Year!


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