I am so excited to be getting ready to make some great Christmas and New Year’s memories with friends and family over the next week. There will be lots of great food to enjoy, presents to give and receive, laughter, games and good times! There will also be lots of pictures and videos taken so we can capture the memories forever. From pictures of the yummy food to opening gifts, to silly group pictures and serious family pictures, we will all be posing and trying to smile big and bright in all our pictures!

I love taking pictures and being in pictures. Family photos are something you can keep, share and treasure forever. All the pictures go online now too on Facebook, Instagram and sometimes even here on my blog so there are many people who will get to see them.

However, as much I love being the center of attention, I mean as much I love being in and taking pictures, cough, cough, one thing I have always been self-conscious about is not having a bright, white smile. I had always thought that yellow teeth came from either not taking care of your teeth or drinking coffee or tea or smoking.  I take good care of my teeth, don’t drink much tea or coffee and I don’t smoke. I recently learned that yellow teeth can also come from what eat or that your teeth can just start to dull as you get older. I have always wanted to have my teeth whitened professionally, but it is expensive and I also have small chips in a couple teeth I would need fixed before the dentist would do the professional whitening on me.

I decided to give Crest 3D White Strips a try to see if they would help make my smile a little brighter so I wouldn’t be as self-conscious this holiday season and going into the New Year. Crest’s 3D White Strips are the #1 awarded whitening brand and are definitely more affordable and convenient than going to the dentist for whitening.

They are really easy to use and you only have to use them once a day for 30 minutes for 20 days.  To use, just peel the strip and apply it to your teeth then leave it on for 30 minutes.  You can get some great tips and learn more about teeth whiting and how the whitestrips work on Crest’s 3D White website.

I have only been using them a few days now but I think I can tell a slight difference already. I am excited to see how much brighter and whiter my teeth look after the full 20 days.  Like the Crest commercials say: “If you’re not whitening, you’re yellowing” and I am tired of seeing my yellow teeth in our annual family Christmas pictures! By New Year’s Eve I should have a brighter smile to show off to the cameras and my family. 😀

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