List of the Best WordPress Tips, Tricks, Tutorials and Resources

Are you a WordPress user or thinking about transferring to self-hosted WordPress? Check out this list of some of the best WordPress tips, tricks, tutorials and how to guides that I have found (as well as a few I have written). While I am not a WordPress expert, I am very experienced using it. I am 100% self-taught on WordPress (as well as designing). These WordPress tutorials, videos and resources have helped me learn the ins and outs of WordPress. I hope they will help you as well.  Be sure to bookmark this post because I will add links to more WordPress tutorials as I find them or write them.

CEO of Me’s Tutorials:

List of the Best WordPress Tips, Tricks, Tutorials and Resources
Other Helpful Tutorials:

SEO Tips:

WordPress User Account Types/Definitions:


  • Administrator – Somebody who has access to all the administration features
  • Editor – Somebody who can publish and manage posts and pages as well as manage other users’ posts, etc.
  • Author – Somebody who can publish and manage their own posts
  • Contributor – Somebody who can write and manage their posts but not publish them
  • Subscriber – Somebody who can only manage their profile

More Helpful WordPress & Blogging Tip Sites:

Blogging Books and Courses I HIGHLY recommend:

These ebooks and courses are NOT WordPress specific, if you are on Blogger they will still benefit you. However self-hosted WordPress does offer more options and the ability to maximize your SEO. I did still want to mention these books and courses as I feel they have been an important part of my success as a blogger.

If you are new to blogging or ready to really blog as a business/for an income, check out these 2 eBooks from  Use the code FWOB33 to get $10 off! I recommend the First Week eBook for brand new bloggers and the 31 Days eBook for novice bloggers.
First Week of Blogging Guide 31 Days to a Better Blog


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