2016 Planathon for Direct Sellers What I learned and my Focus for 2016

We just finished the daily training in our 2016 Direct Sales Planathon which was absolutely amazing! We had almost 3,700 direct sellers join us to plan for an incredible 2016.

I had several revelations for my own life and business as I went through the worksheets. I thought I had chosen my theme and focus for the year already but I am realizing there is something else that is my calling for 2016 – embracing growth. It is not what I expected or intended but it feels 100% authentic.

2015 has been amazing. It has taken me places I never expected but had always dreamed of in one way or another. I have already had a lot of personal and business growth this year but I feel like this is just the beginning of how amazing my life & business can be.

Growth and change can be scary, even when it’s good growth and good change. We get comfortable with the way things are, we might not believe we can do any better or we might have made a lot of progress and feel good about where we are. We know we want to move to the next level, believe we deserve more but when we are standing on the edge of that “more” and looking out, it is hard to take that step forward.

Did you ever have a favorite sweater when you were a kid? One that was soft, fuzzy, warm, that you just loved wearing? It was good, felt cozy, made you happy when you wore it. Then as you got bigger you knew it wasn’t fitting you as well but you’d still wear it some because you loved it so much and it made you feel comfortable. Then one day you realized you had to stop wearing it because you had finally outgrown it and it was time to let go even though you weren’t sure you would find another that fit you so well or was as comfortable.

Sometimes we have things in life like those sweaters, maybe a job, career, relationship, activity, habit, mindset, even the place we live. It might be something good or it might be something not so good that is holding us back. We love it, it feels good, it feels comfortable. Then suddenly one day (or maybe slowly over many days) we realize it doesn’t fit us as well as it used to. We realize we have outgrown it and need to move on to something bigger, something that fits us better.

2016 Planathon for Direct Sellers What I learned and my Focus for 2016

I’m at that place in my life right now. I realize I have outgrown some things in my life and it’s time to move on to bigger and better things. Yet still I am struggling to let go of that comfy, warm, sentimental old sweater. It’s not fear, it’s just that I kinda really liked that old sweater.

The thing is, as long as we hang onto things from our past, even good things, we can’t move forward. It is like that cozy old sweater. It might be comfortable, it might be nice but it doesn’t serve it’s purpose or look good on us anymore.

I can feel that ache in my soul. I can feel the universe pulling me forward to those bigger and better things and places. What’s that quote : “Sometimes you have to let go of good things so even better things can enter your life…”

Do you feel that pull too? That stirring in your heart that you are ready to finally take that step and go for your goals & turn your dreams & business into the real deal? If so, I would love to walk with you on your journey of growth, breaking through to new levels of success & give you monthly support, business & personal development tools & accountability during 2016 as a member of my Direct Sales Success Club.  You can find out more and join us here.

Here’s to 2016. Here’s to growth, here’s to new, even prettier, better fitting sweaters & whatever else the new year holds!

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Misty Kearns

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