Important Info you should know about your Website, WordPress or Blogger Blog

Do you own or manage a self-hosted WordPress, website or Blogger blot? Do you know your hosting login, domain registrar information or how to log in to your CPanel or FTP?  Are you wondering what the heck I just said?

When I was a WordPress Designer several years ago,  one of the most common issues with my clients was that they did not know the key info about their own website or blog.  Many of them weren’t even sure who their domain was registered through, when it renewed & what their hosting login was or what their Control panel (cpanel) login was.

All of this information is important for any website or blog owner to know, regardless of whether they have a designer helping them.  If you ever have a problem with your website or hosting, you need to have this information easily accessible so that your web host, designer or your tech person or a blogging buddy can help you out.

I created a simple form for my clients to use to keep all this information handy and up to date. I have recently updated it and wanted to share it to help others out too. Grab the download below from Dropbox.  Be sure to download the file, save it with a different name directly to your computer or device BEFORE you begin filling in the form fields, otherwise what you type will not be saved.

Print it and put it in a business folder or binder for safekeeping in case you need it in the future.  Be sure to update it if you change web hosts or passwords in the future too.

A couple quick notes, some web hosts do not have a regular Control Panel / CPanel as they have their own set up.  If you have a Blogger or free blog you won’t have a Cpanel either. Also,  some have a different login for your FTP than your regular CPanel login while some sites the login information is the same.)

  • What a great idea! I love this and think it would be so helpful. I have all my information scattered every where and some of it’s in my head. This makes it hard to find or recall it when I need it, but your form would make all this so much easier.

  • This is awesome. Thank you for offering the printable for free. I need to write this stuff down outside of my computer and what better day than New Year’s? 🙂 Thanks again!

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