How to use Canva and Adobe Spark to Create Custom Images for Direct Sellers Network Marketers

Today I am sharing a video tutorial on how to use Canva & Adobe Spark to create custom graphics, social media images, templates, fliers and printable documents for your home or online business. You do not need to have a lot of technical skills, purchase an expensive graphics program or spend hours learning how to be a graphic designer. Even though I know how to use Adobe Photoshop & Fireworks, I tend to use Canva more now for my images simply because of how easy it is to use, customize and create graphics. With Adobe Spark and Canva you can create and design amazing Facebook, Twitter & other social media cover and header images, gorgeousĀ images advertising & showcasing your products and specials or even eBooks and documents you can print like fliers, business cards, invitations and much more!

How to use Canva and Adobe Spark to Create Custom Images for Direct Sellers Network Marketers

Both sites have free versions with lots of free graphics and tools you can use. If you want to do more custom images you can upgrade your account or pay for the different images you want to use. Canva offers way more options, graphics and tools especially for creating documents that you may want to print out. Branding is such an important part of our business and these two sites can help you create graphics and documents that really make your business stand out online and in print.

Canva Tutorial

Watch my detailed Canva tutorial video below to learn the many different ways to use Canva and how to create mutliple different types of graphics, images, social media images, printable documents and more with Canva.

Adobe Spark Tutorial

Watch my detailed Adobe Spark tutorial video below to learn how to create different graphics with Adobe Spark. You can also create short videos, slide shows, collages and more with Adobe Spark.


Other easy to use graphic apps and programs

This tutorial only includes Canva and Adobe Spark but two other great programs / apps for easily creating custom graphics are PicMonkey & Wordswag. Picmonkey has both a mobile app and full website. It has a free version with limited options and a paid version with more options. Wordswag is a smartphone / tablet app only but is great to use for those who are on their phone a lot, for Instagram pictures and quickly adding text to your photos or premade graphics.

I hope these tutorials helped you! Please leave a comment and let me know what you learned or what apps / tools you use for creating graphics.

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Misty Kearns

  • I love the tutorial! I have used Canva a few times, but have not really had the time to delve into it further. I end up using PicMonkey a lot since it’s so easy. I really need to start using Canva more…there are several things you demonstrated that would be extremely helpful. Thank you. šŸ™‚

  • I have been sharing about Picmonkey and Canva and your video sums up how easy both of these programs are to use. Linking to your site for others to find! šŸ™‚

  • THANK YOU for these videos!! I especially LOVE the Adobe Spark . . . I have never heard of it before and I will be using it soon. Thanks again for sharing this information!!!

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