Let’s talk About Income Producing Activities (IPA’s), how you can do more of them and make more $$$! One of the biggest reasons most people don’t make much profit in their business is because they spend more time on BUSY WORK rather than on BUSINESS WORK…

Posting random things and quotes on FB is NOT an IPA! Creating cool social media graphics on Canva is NOT AN IPA. Organizing your office is NOT AN IPA. Attending a training class is NOT AN IPA. Checking your email or messenger every 5 minutes is NOT AN IPA.

All of those are good and beneficial activities you may need to do (except checking your email/messages every 5 minutes, that’s not at all productive) but they are not true IPA’s & should not be where you spend the majority of your time.

An IPA is an activity that produces or will lead to income.

How to shift your business by focusing on income producing activities

Basically, an IPA is where you are interacting with a person or a group of people, where you are sharing your solutions and making an offer for them to purchase something you are selling (or to host a party or join your team).

A TRUE IPA is NOT posting random commentary on FB with a link to your website or simply sharing your products or sending an email with your latest offering. There is NO VALUE in that for the customer. There is NO CONNECTION in that with the customer. There is NO RELATIONSHIP/TRUST Building in that with the customer.

A TRUE IPA includes sharing value, authentically connecting while building trust & a long term relationship with customers, not just a quick, one-time sale. It includes creating funnels, sharing content that is compelling and creates authority, shows the solutions you offer and genuinely connects with the people you serve.

Why is focusing on IPA’s so difficult?

Most of them require you actually being visible, putting yourself out there, interacting with people, risking judgment, rejection, criticism, failure and even success.

In other words, IPA’s require you face your fears and get out of your comfort zone. We procrastinate all over ourselves doing every other bit of busy work we can to avoid doing the real business work in order to avoid facing those fears.

How can you make focusing IPA’s easier and overcome your fears?

Learn how to shift your mindset, rewrite the old stories, beliefs and rewire the habits and patterns you’ve gotten yourself into based on experiences that happened to you in the past… Learn how to step into your Most Confident Self and show up as her every single day… Focus on serving & helping people more than your fears. Be the CEO of your life & business!

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Here are 3 things to think about to help you begin to focus more on income producing activities:

  1. Take an honest look at how you spend your time in your business, how much of it is actually spent on income producing activities (IPA)
  2. What kind of impact would it have on your business & life if you would increase your IPA’s just by 10% or 30% or even 100%??? How much would your income go up? What could do MORE or LESS of in your life or business if your income increased?
  3. What income-producing activity do you struggle the most doing? Why do you think that is? What can you do to make it more fun, easier & more about SERVING other than about your fears?

Also please don’t feel guilty if you haven’t been focusing on IPA’s like you should have been. The important thing to start with is to be honest about where we are, where you want to be and what you need do to get there. Then once you do that, you can take action, implement and start getting more results!

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