There has been a lot of interest in and talk about couponing in the past couple of years. There are numerous websites that teach you how to save 50-90% on your groceries.  Grocery coupons are in the newspaper, on manufacturer’s websites and numerous coupon websites.

Couponing and discount shopping doesn’t apply just to grocery & household items though!  Retailers of all kinds are using coupons and cash back websites to increase sales and gain new customers. You can find a coupon, discount or rebate for almost every store and any product you need online with Rakuten!

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If you have heard of cash back or coupon sites like Rakuten (formerly ebates) you may have wondered how they work and whether they are legitimate or not. I have personally used several of the cash back websites. I have been able to save a good bit of money and received money back too!

Here is how Rakuten works:

1. Visit Rakuten’s site here and sign up for a free account.

2. Install the Rakute Chrome extension or the app on your phone

3. When you are shopping in Chrome, you can click the Rakuten icon and activate cash back.

4. Or you can click on the Rakuten icon and then enter in the name of the store or product you are shopping for.  You will see results for various coupon codes for that store or product.

5. Make sure it shows that the cash back offer has been activated and then you can complete your purchase as usual

6. Your purchase history and cash back balance will show in your account

7. Every few months, you will get a “big fat check” (paypal payment if you’ve set up paypal or check in the mail) with your rebate.

It’s that simple! I’ve earned over $1000 in cash back in the past few years with Rakuten. I typically earn about $20-50 per check.

Extra tip: if you shop at Sam’s Club and are a plus member & do pick up there- Rakuten offers 1-3% cash back on pick up orders. Groceries are my biggest regular expense so I love earning that extra cash back from them (and Sam’s cash with my account / card too!)

Let me know if you sign up for Rakuten or are already using it & what you love about it!

(The link in this post is a referral link so I may make a small referral fee if you sign up through my link. I only promote products/programs I personally use, trust and love though.)


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