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How to LEAP into your Direct Sales Business

If your year hasn’t started off as successfully as you hoped or if you are building momentum and want to keep everything growing, then now is a great time to make a commitment to LEAP into your direct sales business!

In order to take a LEAP into your direct sales business you must Let go of fears, procrastination and excuses, Educate yourself on methods, systems and strategies that get results, become Authentic and confident in your marketing and Plan for your success through time management, goal setting and taking action on your plans.

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Your dreams are just on the other side of the things you’ve been letting hold you back – fear, procrastination, lack of knowledge, sloppy systems, low confidence. You can overcome those obstacles and be successful. Everyone starts with the same thing (a business kit) and at the same place (as a new consultant), no one has more of a chance to be successful than anyone else. The ones who end up reaching their goals have decided to take that LEAP and so can you!

Learning how to do all those things and manage your business doesn’t have to be stressful and overwhelming though. You can grow your business and balance your life plus enjoy support and accountability with the tools and systems I provide in my core programs.

I would love to help you make significant progress on reaching your goals as you move into the rest of the year. As a past top leader in the direct sales industry & self-employed CEO of Me for nearly 13 years now, I know the path to success and can show you how to develop the right mindset, attract leads through authentic marketing and implement systems that help you work smarter & enjoy more success! It is my mission and passion to help other direct sellers enjoy their business more, become more authentic & confident & reach their goals.

You are more than a name or another member in my club. I provide a lot of extra support and interact with members daily.  Your success is my success and I go above and beyond to provide great tools, products and support for my customers and members.

My Printable Success Planner System is a fabulous tool to help you with getting organized and implementing systems in your business. Get access to over 100 templates and tools plus a 2 hour training video for only $27 Learn more here.  You get lifetime access when you purchase it and only have to pay once!

The CEO of Me Direct Sales Success Booster is a great fit for you to boost your productivity, work smarter and increase your results. Each month you’ll receive a printable / downloadable business building bundle with goal and activity planning worksheets, a done for you marketing action plan with over 100 different ideas to share your business each month plus premade images for social media and premade templates for marketing your business. You’ll also get income boosting ideas, training and a live monthly Q & A session with me.  Members can also join my Success Circle VIP group for daily motivation, support & weekly activities plus bonus training & tools. Join now for as little as $17 a month or $47 each Quarter

The CEO of Me Direct Sales Mastermind is my top level Group Coaching program with 1 on 1 support, accountability, tools, strategies, coaching & motivation every day + monthly & quarterly challenges & themes & lifetime access to ALL of my courses & printables.  Spaces are limited and registration is only open a couple times each year!  You’ll get to work with me and a small group of like-minded business women who are working to improve their personal lives and business, their mindset, confidence, systems, productivity & creating their best life!  Each month we focus on a different topic and work through 1 of my courses together. We have weekly activities and accountability to help you implement what you are learning and accomplish the goals you set for yourself. I hold bi-weekly group coaching sessions, offer hot seat 1 on 1 coaching monthly and we have plenty of discussions, activities, and support in the group each week to help you as you are creating your CEO of Me life & business.  Learn more about the program, what my other clients have to say & the current special bonus offers here.

Take a LEAP and see what happens! Have faith in yourself & your dreams!

Misty Kearns, Certified High Performance Coach & CEO of Me®

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