How to face your fears by thinking about the worst case scenario

How to face your fears by thinking about the worst case scenario

Tahani Aburaneh was the guest speaker on this week’s Conquer Summit session hosted by Natalie MacNeil of She Takes on the World.  This was my first time learning about Tahani. She has an amazing and inspirational story of going from living in a refugee camp in the Middle East and being sold into marriage at 15 for only $2, to becoming a leading real estate investment expert and multimillionaire.

During the session, Tahani spoke about facing your fears. Here is my paraphrase of what she said: “What’s your dream, if you are afraid of going for it or moving forward, think about the worst case scenario, what is the absolute worst thing that could happen if you did move forward? If you can live through that worst case then you need to just go for it! Feel the fear and move forward anyways.”

Face your fears so you can live your dreams

Wow what a simple but powerful concept, right?

Not only does this apply to our dreams and goals for our lives but also in our small businesses. I want to ask you to think about what it is that you are afraid of in your home business. Maybe it’s being told no, someone not liking you or thinking bad about you, or not being able to get enough parties booked, not being able to sell enough products, not making enough money. Maybe it’s about not being able to balance everything, becoming really successful then losing it all and being a failure?

What’s the worst that could happen out of all that, you face a little rejection, stress of learning to balance business/family/work/life, possibly being disappointed in yourself or maybe learning that this goal, dream or business venture is not right for you or it was not the right time to go for that dream or goal?

When you think of it that way the worst case scenarios aren’t really that bad. Ask yourself if you can live through those things or not.  If you can, then move forward boldly with faith and passion!

This was great timing for me to hear Tahani’s words of inspiration tonight. I have had several dreams and new business ideas that I have been hesitating on moving forward with.  I have already faced the worst case scenarios of failure, not enough income, rejection, stress and more so I know that I can make it through those fears and whatever may happen. I am now going to start asking myself that worst case scenario question with every goal, dream & fear that comes my way!

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