How to Create a Customer Contact and Follow Up System for your Direct Sales Party Plan or Network Marketing Business

How to Create a Customer Contact and Follow Up System for your Direct Sales Party Plan or Network Marketing Business

One area I see Direct Sales, Party Plan & Network Marketing consultants seriously struggle with is in the area of following up. This is often because they do not have an effective system in place to keep up with their customer’s contact info, notes and a process for following up.  In this article I am sharing 1 of the training videos from my Direct Sales & Party Plan Success Course that shows a very simple and effective system for keeping up with customers and following up.

I use a very simple Excel spreadsheet with multiple tabs for my customer contact and follow up system. I also schedule in time in my planner for following up with customers, leads, hosts, potential recruits and team members each week. When I schedule in a vendor or networking event, I also schedule in time the days after the event to do follow up.

If you don’t have Excel or Microsoft products, Macs offer an equivalent spreadsheet program AND Google Docs offers a FREE web based spreadsheet that works as good as Excel for something like this. Just be sure to download and save your  Google Drive docs from time to time in case something would happen.

Here is the sample Excel file of the spreadsheet I show in the video to help you get started.

One thing I did not mention in this video, that I wanted to suggest is this post is for those of you who have companies or products where customers are on auto-ship or would be purchasing the products over and over again (networking marketing companies, healthcare, skincare, etc).  You could create a tab for your repeat customers / re-orders too so that you could follow up and ask the customer how the product is working for them and remind them about re-ordering.

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Watch my video below for the details, tips and methods I use to create and maintain a simple, yet effective customer contact & follow up system.  Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below & I would love if you would share this on social media or with your teams!  You can also learn more about my Direct Sales & Party Plan Success Course & all the additional training offered in it here.

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Tina Giordano

This is a great idea. I did not have a good follow up system in place. As a result I was losing the potential for sale by simply not following up and providing good customer service.

Deborah Thompson

Thank you. I have not been following up but have spent wasted time trying to organise some sort of system but just couldn’t work it. Seeing this short video I now have a plan to follow.

Christina George

Thank you; I keep re-formatting my follow-up chart, thinking it’s too long or too short or too… For customers (not potentials) do you also track what they’ve purchased in the same chart? And do you only follow up twice for potential customers?


    I follow up until they say no! Sometimes, a potential customer needs to know you are committed and not chasing $.


Misty, the link for the Excel file spreadsheet is not working.

    Misty Kearns

    Thanks Christine, I’m aware it isn’t working. I need to update the video and spreadsheet too, it’s on my to do list! 🙂

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