How to connect with new Facebook fans & be a better online marketer

I recently had a direct sales consultant reach out to me looking for advice on how to connect and approach new fans of her Facebook page.  She is wanting to know if it is proper to contact those people with a direct message and if so how should she approach them. She is looking to connect more 1 on 1, build relationships and plant the seeds to get bookings, recruits and repeat orders.  She is worried about sounding pushy, rude or like she is begging.

First, I applaud her for wanting (and realizing that she needs) to be focused on serving the customer, helping them and not just pushing her business on people.

Second, my suggestion would be to always come from the standpoint of how you can serve the customer and what solutions your product/company/service can offer them.

How to connect with new Facebook fans & be a better online marketer

Here is a sample message you can use when direct messaging making that initial contact with someone who becomes a fan of your page.

“Thank you for liking my page, I am excited to help you learn more about (company name/products/service). You can also subscribe to my newsletter to receive monthly specials at: (link to sign up for your newsletter) Please let me know if I can help you with any specific issues (issues would be related to whatever solution your products provide), if you would like to earn free products by hosting a home, catalog or online party or if you are looking for a home based income opportunity that offers many great rewards. Thank you again & I look forward to serving you!

Obviously, you can tweak that message to fit your company, products or service and add in any of your own fun personality too.  The keys to authentic and effective marketing, whether it is a brand new fan on your Facebook page, the customer you meet out and about or someone who has been a customer for a long time, are to serve your customers, build relationships and share value.


I also share a few more Marketing on Facebook tips for Direct Sales & Party Plan Consultants in my video below. What tips do you have to share about marketing on Facebook? Please comment below & if you like this post I would love it if you would share it on social media. Thank you!

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Misty Kearns

  • Thanks! Good ideas.
    Have you tried a similar technique on Twitter when people follow you? On re-tweets? On favorites?
    It would seem this technique could also be used on LinkedIn

    • Hi Wayne, thank you for your kind words! I am sure it would work in any network online or in person, it’s all about connecting on a personal level, building relationships & serving your customers.

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