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I have a Type A Personality and am not ashamed of it. I love to keep things organized and in their proper place. Disorganization or things not going as planned gets me all in a tizzy. There are times when I get busy and do not put things back where they belong though.  Then I cannot find those things and make an even bigger mess looking for them.  I have learned that by using a few simple organization systems and labeling my containers, boxes and bins that I can avoid the chaos and stress that disorganization can cause.

I was so excited to have the chance to try out a Brother P-Touch H-100 Label Machine. I had always wanted a label machine but had never bought one.  I would create labels on my computer and print them from time to time.  While that worked, it was really time consuming. First you have to hand write a list of the labels you need to create. Then you have to type them, then find your label sheet to print on, then print them. That was just too many steps and too much time.  By using a Brother P-Touch Label Machine, you can save a lot of time because you can type the label on the machine and print it right there!  You can print just 1 label or go ahead and do a dozen or so at a time as you are organizing.


The Brother P-Touch H-100 came in really handy as I was putting away my Christmas decorations a couple weeks ago.  They were all in little and big containers but they were not labeled. I had to open all 6 big bins to see and figure out what was in each one.  Now that they are all labeled, decorating next year will be a lot easier! I am also working on labeling my other seasonal decoration containers.

Last week I decided to start working on re-organizing my home office.  It was semi-organized but all my awesome three and six drawer bins and cute boxes were not labeled.  This meant each time I went to get a hostess packet or more business cards or thank you notes that I was opening three or four drawers to find the item I needed. Again, wasting time just because my items were not properly labeled.  It took me about five minutes to create and label all my drawers and bins in my office with the Brother P-Touch label machine!  I still have to finish the other side of the room but these shelving units have the majority of my office supplies and business tools in them. I love having them all labeled now! (You can learn my tips for keeping your home office organized here.)

home office organization with brother p touch

Using the Brother P-Touch H-100 machine is very easy. It requires 6 AAA batteries. Once the batteries are in place, you simply snap the tape cartridge in. Then you can turn the machine on and start creating your labels.  You can choose the font size and style as well as several different borders.  For my office I used the Star border. It also has a leaf, bubble, heart and round border. The machine also has a cutter button – the large green button – so once the label prints you just push that button and it cuts it off. You can then easily peel the back off and place your label where you want it. 

I also love that you can get the label tape in multiple colors now. The machine came with a white roll but I will be purchasing some more colors soon.  They also have laminated, extra strength, fabric, flexible and security tape!

home office organization with brother p touch

Brother P-Touch is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year.  They have some great promotions and special offers going on at many of the big box office stores. You can learn more about the Brother P-Touch 25 year celebration here.


The Brother P-Touch Label machine is such a helpful gadget to have in every room in the house (and the garage too!). It definitely helps me work smarter, not harder & I absolutely love that. I just want to label everything now! I will probably work on my kitchen next, then my bathroom. If you come to my house and sit still too long you might get labeled as well!

What about you, do you own or have you used a Brother P-Touch label machine before? What do you think about it? I would love if you would leave a comment below and share my post on social media too. Thank you!

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