Evernote is an app that has been on the digital market for sometime, but recently more small business owners have started integrating it into their day-to-day operations.

Evernote can digitize your business’ filing cabinet, encourage better collaboration and even help with your accounting and bookkeeping. Here are a few ways Evernote is helping business owners run a more efficient operation:


One note per client

The beauty of Evernote is that it’s adaptable to any situation. You can use it simply to keep notes, or you can get more creative and organized with it, depending on your line of work.

Some businesses are creating one note for each of their clients. It’s easy — click new note, title it after your client and start savings documents, from photos to PDFs, to that note.

If your business is paperless for the most part, this can be a great approach. If you’re not, but want to, try looking at some products like Doxie — a high-powered scanner that seamlessly talks with Evernote, turning your paper into digital files.

Evernote’s search capability makes it easy to find the client you need to reference in a snap.


Another strong selling point of Evernote is its ability to have a team of people collaborate on one note and see updates in real-time. Simply save a link to a note with your team — perhaps include it in that calendar invite for the meeting — and they can hop right in, jot down their thoughts and add new items. IF you want certain text and elements to remain untouched, simply lock down that text.

This type of collaboration lets you and your team be more prepared for meetings, also.


Yes, believe it or not, Evernote is a great tool for accounting and doing your taxes.

Save 1099s or W2s and receipts into a tax-titled notebook and when it comes time to pay Uncle Sam, everything will be nice and organized in your Evernote account.

Evernote can also integrate with invoice maker Zapier, which integrates with Xero, the cloud-based accounting software, that lets you create invoices from new notes in Evernote or create new notes from invoices.

Because Evernote works for anyone on any device and everything stays in sync, Evernote becomes a great way to keep your team in the loop on some of the company’s financials.

Evernote is so simple and adaptable that its uses are infinite. Play around with it and find some solutions that work well for your business.

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