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Sleep is a hugely important part of our lives. Every night when we lay down and drift off into slumber, our waking minds shut down and our bodies enter a period of rejuvenation, renewal and repair, affecting a host of bodily and psychological processes and faculties. For the professional., the importance of getting enough hours of good sleep is very great indeed; too much or too little and the body will not be able to operate at peak efficiency, and work will suffer. But how exactly can things related to sleep affect a professional individual’s life?


Professionals are the group perhaps most likely to experience stress in the workplace, thanks to the potent mix of innumerable deadlines, constant meetings and being responsible for various aspects of the company one works for. With so much to do the impulse to stay up late and get up very early in order to accomplish as much work as possible can be rather fierce, but the resulting lack of sleep will likely just feed your levels of stress. Sleep is very important in terms of ‘solidifying’ things one has learnt and as such hugely impacts one’s memory, so if you don’t get enough, your body becomes more and more strung out trying to keep up.


We all know that when we don’t allow ourselves enough sleep, we become rather tetchy, unhappy individuals, and it comes as no surprise that agitated feelings can put a dent in our professional relationships. Networking and relationship-building is as important as ever in the business world, but if you’re acting angry as a result of a lack of sleep then clients and colleagues simply won’t want to work with you. Sometimes a lack of sleep can be due to having an uncomfortable bed, so a good thing to try if you’re trying to solve your sleep-related issues is to try out a new mattress; hop online to a discounter such as Bedstar to get a cheap, quality mattress and start making those business connections!

Decision Making

If you’re in a position of authority within a company, or are self-employed, not getting enough sleep could be the thing acting as the greatest impediment to the growth and prosperity of your business. If you’re tired and sleepy you’re either going to make the wrong decisions or you’re going to postpone them; a dangerous state of affairs. With enough sleep you will feel clearer, more decisive, and far more up to the task of directing the various aspects of the business.

Make sure that getting plenty of sleep rest is a priority on your busy agenda. You will end up burning out and not being able to enjoy the business you are working so hard to create if you do not get enough rest. Take care of yourself mentally, physically and spiritually so that you can take the best care of your business too.



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