Conquer Camp Free 2 Week Online Training to Turbo Charge Your Business

In September of 2015 I saw some emails and Facebook posts about The Conquer Summit (now called Conquer Camp). The Conquer Camp is a free 2 week online virtual summit for entrepreneurs  hosted by Natalie MacNeil with She Takes on the World.  I had followed Natalie online and read her book so I knew it would be a great learning experience for me as an entrepreneur.

At the time I only had a ton of ideas for CEO of Me® and was just randomly blogging here on the site & sharing tips & motivational thoughts on social media. I knew I loved to coach and teach and was ready to make CEO of Me® what I had always dreamed (and known) it could be. I just did not know how to actually take those ideas and turn them into a business or how to overcome the mindset, money and other personal blocks that were holding me back.

I attended every Conquer Summit session and took tons of notes. I walked away with so many ideas, so much insight, inspiration and more mindset shifts than I can share in just one post. It sparked not only business growth & ideas, but personal growth and hope for my future.

Conquer Camp Free 2 Week Online Training to Turbo Charge Your Business

The Conquer Summit (again now called the Conquer Camp) was the kickstarter for getting me to where I am today in my business. I also decided to also join Natalie’s mastermind business growth group – The Conquer Club for 2015. It has taken the spark that was lit during the Conquer Summit and turned it into a full fledged, successful & profitable online business. Within the first 3 months of joining The Conquer Club & implementing the methods they were teaching, I launched 2 products and began enjoying measurable success!

Now you can get the chance to attend the 2 week online The Conquer Camp for absolutely FREE to see what it’s all about & kickstart your own successful business too!


  • The Conquer Camp isn’t like other free programs where you sign up but then never do anything with it; instead you’ll receive assignments after each training and be encouraged to attend our live systems implementation calls where Natalie MacNeil and Kelly Azevedo (our community manager/systems guru) will answer your questions and help you put what you’re learning to work for your business.
  • It’s a FREE action-intensive, 2-week sprint for entrepreneurs who are ready for something different. Who want results and are willing to put in the work.
  • These 2 weeks are designed to give you step-by-step, powerful actions you can take NOW. We pick up where a lot of other programs or products leave off, with IMPLEMENTATION.
  • This program is ideal for entrepreneurs who want to:
    • Build a list to thousands or tens of thousands of people
    • Hit 6 figures and beyond
    • Hire their first team members
    • Land a major media feature
    • Write a book and get it out into the world
  • You’ll get ACTIONABLE advice to help you implement what you’re learning into YOUR business, so you can get results in real time.
  • At Conquer Camp, Natalie and her team of mentors are going to lay out out the exact strategies, systems, and formulas that have helped them build successful businesses and
  • If you take action with us during Conquer Camp, I promise you will have 2 of the MOST productive weeks of your year.
  • Giving back is baked into the DNA of all Natalie’s ventures, and she’s passionate about investing in YOU and your business growth. In exchange? All that’s asked is that you commit 100%. Put in the work, and she’ll prove to you: no matter where you’re starting from, you can see your dreams through to reality.


Not only am I excited to be attending Conquer Camp again this year, but I am also planning to renew my membership in The Conquer Club for 2016. I believe so much in The Conquer Club that I decided to become a partner. This means that I will make a referral fee from anyone who signs up for The Conquer Club through my link.  It has been the best investment I have ever made in my business (and I have purchased, read and attended all kinds of training over the years). I only partner/affiliate with companies/products that I have experience with and believe what they offer is valuable and worthwhile for my community.

The training, resources, mentors, support and overall atmosphere of the group of entrepreneurs & mentors that are part of The Conquer Club are like no other group or training I have been part of in my years of being an entrepreneur.  I can say without a doubt that a large part of my business growth, especially how fast I have been able to achieve my goals for CEO of Me® is due to what I have learned from Natalie, the other mentors and training provided in The Conquer Club.  It is amazing to me to think that a year ago none of what I am doing with CEO of Me® really even existed except as ideas in my head!

So go ahead and REGISTER FOR THE CONQUER CAMP for free now & get ready for your most powerful & productive 2 weeks of the year!  Comment below & let me know if I will see you there & be sure to share this post so others know about the Conquer Camp. Thank you!


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Misty Kearns

  • I enjoyed reading about this and I’m always willing to learn. I’m definitely interested and ready to make my dreams come true. I’m tired of the way things are in my life with my job and finances. Ready to learn and try something different.

    • Hey Debora, awesome! This training isn’t specifically for direct sellers but I am sure you will learn a lot about mindset, goal setting, creating a business plan and marketing.

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