building our blogsThis year I am participating in a group of over 100 other awesome bloggers to learn how to build a better blog. We are currently going through Problogger’s 31 Days to Building a Better Blog.

One of the things Problogger mentioned early on is to get a Blogging Buddy. A blogging buddy should be another blogger whose blog is in the same or similar niche as your own. Think of it as an accountability partner for your blog. You support, encourage and challenge each other. Your blogging buddy can also help you proof read your posts and give you tips and ideas on how to improve your blog. You can also find a great friendship with your buddy!

I wanted to introduce my blogging buddy and encourage you to check out her blog. My buddy is Beth Anne from The Catholic Couponer. Beth Anne shares tips on frugal living, couponing, product reviews. She also shares about her faith and Catholicism.

PhotobucketRight now Beth Anne is sharing a Lenten Meal Plan each Monday. You can find some great recipes through this weekly link up! While I am not Catholic, I have practiced giving up something for Lent for years. I think it is a great way to increase your faith, build self-discipline and show gratitude for all that Jesus sacrificed for us by dying on the cross so that we could be saved.

You can also find lots of great deals, bargains and coupons plus price match ups. Every Friday she shares a “7 Quick Takes Friday” where she shares 7 highlights of great posts, what’s going on for the week and more!  Visit The Catholic Couponer to learn more!

Thanks to Beth Anne for being a great blogging buddy! She is always encouraging me and sharing neat ideas. I’m glad we ended up being paired up. I look forward to continuing to improve our blogs together!


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