Whether you have a home based business or not, you probably have a home office or at least an area where you try to keep all your important household and family papers together.  I have been working from home for 6 years now and while I have had a spare bedroom as a home office for a few of those years, it wasn’t until recently that it was actually a functional space I could “work” in.

It can be hard to keep all the papers, receipts, documents and files that are important to our lives or business organized. Same goes for all the office supply items like pens, pencils, tape, rubber bands, scissors and staplers. I seem to always be hunting for a pen and notepad and the scissors. I have misplaced so many pairs of scissors. I can’t figure out where they get to. (I guess it’s a good thing I don’t have small children since there are probably half a dozen pairs of scissors in random places in my house.)

I love to organize, to get things all in their proper place, to have them neat and pretty looking. Notice I said “I love to“, not “I love to be organized.”  Okay I guess I love both, but there is something about cleaning out a mess and getting things all organized and neat that just thrills me. Sometimes I think I let things get out of order just for the joy of being able to re-organize them and the satisfaction of clearing out clutter.  If you have ever watched the TV Show Friends and seen how excited Monica gets about organizing things, then you can understand what I am talking about.

Welcome to Clever ContainerBack to my home office that was really just a storage and catch all room. I met a new online friend a couple months ago in one of the networking groups named Julie.  Julie is an Independent Leader with a company named Clever Container.  I was not familiar with this “Clever Container” but the organizing junkie in me was very intrigued by it. After checking out her website, there were just so many items I could picture using in my home office to help keep me organized and my businesses running smoother.  I was so excited to receive my order and get to work on making my office functional.

I should have taken a before picture of my desk but I did not think to do that.  Just imagine lots of papers stacked up high, envelopes and magazines and ink pens sticking out everywhere.  It was so bad that I honestly seldom used my desk or the gorgeous widescreen monitor and instead used my laptop while sitting in the living room (bad, bad business lady!) Below is a picture of my neat and organized desk now.

Oooh, Ahhh… Right? How long has it been since you have been able to see that much of your desk?

On the left on top of the file cabinet are 3 of Clever Container’s Document Boxes. On the right hand side of the desk is the – Pretty Paper in Grey (this is only available through the end of the month though and there are other pieces that match this set). Then there is the File the Pile box (the pretty black file box with the pink flowers).

The Document Boxes are really handy and made out of a strong plastic.  They come in a set of 5.  I am using them to keep various items for my business together. In the top one I have party envelopes. Each envelope has my party planning list for my current Tupperware parties that I am either about to hold or have just held that I am getting ready to close out and submit. This allows me quick access to everything I need for the party and to close the party.  Once the party is submitted, I move the party envelope it to the 2nd box until it is delivered and I have made my follow up calls.  After that I file it in the file cabinet.  In the bottom document box I  have business receipts.  I am kind of bad about keeping up with receipts, so having a box where I can easily toss them until I am ready to do my monthly totals and file them for good is very helpful. There are so many different uses for these Document Boxes. I am using the other 2 from the set to store thank you note cards in and mailing supplies like 2 different sizes of envelopes, stamps and return labels. (PS the Document boxes come flat and you have to put them together, they are easy to put together if you read the instructions first that is.) 🙂

In the desk organizer I have those scissors that used to always end up who knows where, my stapler, some notepads and labels, pens and pencils. In the back I have my datebook/planner and portfolio and the current Tupperware catalogs and sales fliers for quick easy access.

Then on to the File the Pile box, this is really one of my favorite products.  It is such a pretty, girly file box that I don’t mind having it out on my desk! This means that I am actually more likely to use it since it’s on my desk and easy to access. In it I have hanging files, one for each of my main businesses or projects that I am currently working on (Tupperware, CEO of Me Blog Projects, Web Design Projects, Upcoming Events), then I also have files for bills to be paid, payments or rebates I am waiting to receive and another file for Misc stuff that I need to file or follow up on.   Each week I make myself go through the file box and remove anything I have completed or take care of what I not completed.  It has really helped me to work smarter, not harder.

I have always taught my team that “systems equals success”.  I believe this applies to life just as much as it does to a small business.  If you take a little time to implement simple systems for your household, your kids and/or your business and stick to them, you will find that your life will be more organized which means less stress and more success!

Clever Container offers many other products besides just these few for the home office.  Another favorite product of mine is the Stuff It Organizer. This is super for desk organization as well as scrapbooking or craft supplies, kids arts supplies or even makeup and cosmetics in your bathroom.  They also offer closet, kitchen, dorm room, car and laundry storage and organization products.

You can check out Julie Hisle’s (our Shop from your Seat Clever Container Consultant) website at: http://mycleverbiz.com/cleverjulie  and like her Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/DreamToBeOrganized?ref=ts&fref=ts to see all the products, specials and get lots of tips to keep your home organized.  You can also contact Julie with questions or customized help in figuring out what products will work best for you. She shared so many ideas and product tips that I would not have thought of before I placed my order.

Thanks so much to Julie for being one of our Shop from your Seat vendors and providing these products for me to review!  Be sure to visit her site and come back here and comment with what products you love or want to purchase!


*Disclosure: I received some of the products mentioned as compensation for this review. Regardless, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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Misty Kearns

  • I really like the Backseat Entertainment and swing away. They would be perfect for my mom.
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  • I like the expandable pantry shelf (always need room in the kitchen) and the swing away (awesome for my sons things in the car).

  • love to have the Swing Away Item #: 0413 , Car Pocket Brown
    Item #: 0556 , Bin There – Zebra – Set of 3, and the Revolving Remote Caddy

  • I have shampoos and conditioners all over my bathroom, the Chrome Shower Caddy would come in handy and I like the Black Scroll Fruit Bowl =D

  • I need the whole darn catalog lol. I have such limited space in my kitchen dining area, but this is where I tend to keep my bills and such. So for that are maybe the File the Pile for starters lol. I also need the jewelry organizer 🙂

  • I LOVE the car hooks so I can hang garbage bags so (hopefully) garbage stays OFF the floor or a place to hang my purse so it’s easier to find in the car!

  • I like the under shelf cup rack, that would go a long way to organizing the cupboard with cups and mugs in it! I also like the cabinet cubbies for in the bathroom….that cabinet can be so messy!!

  • ANYTHING that can get me motivated to stay organized! every time that i try, i end up going through all the baskets trying to find where someone in the house has put something.

  • I would love the Project Board (main catalog) and the Pretty Pen in the mini catalog from Clever Container…I have never heard of this company!

  • I like the expandable pantry shelf and the revolving remote caddy. They’re both things I think we’d get a lot of use out of in ur house.

    amber Y

  • I like the mop and broom organizer, because I just lean mine in the laundry room right now. I also like the car pocket for all my daughter’s things.

  • The Clutter Cutter kit…wow!! This would actually make me want to get organized before Christmas, rather than wait until January like I always do…lol.

  • I love all the clear plastic bins on the catalog pages 22-23. They are for the fridge and look like they would keep it very organized, neat and tidy! 🙂

  • I really like the Sophisticated File Tote – Jet Black (I really need more file space)
    and the Chrome Plastic Bag Recycler (I hate where I currently store my bags)

  • I like the cargo tote for the trunk of our car, its always a disaster! Also, the document boxes…because they come in bright colours and I have plenty of papers waiting to fill them 🙂

  • I like the versatile scarf holder and the storage systems for the refrigerator! Decluttering is the reason, having everything in its place!

  • Maybe if I got ALL of it I could be organized. For a bit. Seriously, I’m off to hint about the clutter cutter kit as a great christmas present. I really like the couponizer.

  • I really like the closet organizers, especially the one for the shoes. I like that it hangs, so that you don’t have to bend down and hunt for your shoes. It looks durable too. Thanks!

  • I’m a minivan mom, so I could totally use the “Swing Away” to organize my kids. I’d also love the “Drawer Designer – Combo” to make my perfectionist organizer tendencies fulfilled!

  • I love the handle bag – the large bag with the round handles. It would be perfect for my daughter starting college in the fall to transport her laundry back and forth to the laundry room!

  • I like the bags they have for clutter. When I’m trying to click on it to make it bigger to get the actual name, it won’t:(. I like it because it’s stylish yet allows for storage.

  • I like the no leak litterbag for your car. I don’t have a garbage bag of any sort in my car so it gets pretty messy. This would come in real handy!

  • I would love to have the mop and broom organizer to get my mop and broom in the same place and off of my floor. I also would love the expandable pantry shelf to get my cabinets organized.

  • I’m with Clever Container now as well! I thought I had to be a complete organizing junkie before I started with Clever Container.. Then I thought what better way to become a junkie! Join the only DS company that has 100% organization products! It’s def changed and taught me a lot! Great stuff! I would love to help any one else if needed!

  • I can completely relate to not using my desk and widescreen monitor and instead grabbing my laptop to work on the couch in the living room.
    But I do enjoy organizing…it’s a great feeling. I just need to create a workable/functional system to stay organized.
    This post was helpful as it gave me great ideas of things that I may try.

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