It's time to promote yourself to a CEO of Me® so you can experience more confidence, joy & authentic success in your life & business without hustling. 

Being a CEO of Me® starts with defining success for yourself and taking purposeful action to create your best life & business every day.

Take your first step today towards becoming your most confident & productive self and learn how to grow your business with purpose, ease & authenticity with the training & tools in the my Best Life & Business Planning Course & Workbook!


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CEO of Me Best Life and Business Planning Course and Workbook

CEO of Me's Products & Programs Can Help You:

  • Overcome your fears, excuses, procrastination & self-sabotages so you can create a business & life you love
  • Work smarter, get organized, improve your habits, be more productive and get more results in less time
  • Implement simple strategies, systems and processes to grow a successful, thriving business on your own terms
  • Feel more confident about being visible, marketing yourself and share about your business with ease & passion
  • Talk about your business to others without feeling pushy, fake, salesy or being afraid of rejection & being told no
  • Let go of perfectionism & self-criticism, negative mindsets & patterns so you Increase your self-worth
  • Implement a daily success routine to create more balance, ease & flow in your life & business

The CEO of Me Success Strategy is focused on helping you improve 3 key areas in your business (and life) so you can step into the role of a CEO and enjoy more confidence, be more productive, achieve your goals & grow your business with ease.


Mindset, Habits & Consistency


Time Management & Productivity



Misty is the best type of supporter as she will celebrate your successes with you and push you to your full potential. She has taught me how to change my mindset and make the personal growth needed for my business. The Mastermind touches on every area you need for success. The ground work is laid out to build a successful business for any level. The past year has been full of new achievements that would not have been possible without my mindset change and the group support!

Jenny Jarvis

Alison Simmons

My business was exploding (which was good) but my time was stretched too thin and I was losing control (which was BAD)! I needed organizational help and FAST! While considering Misty's coaching program, I loved the idea of having an actual person that I could ask questions and get real, practical help from instead of having to figure things out on my own. After implementing the CEO of Me strategies & systems, I began to thrive in the areas in my business where I had once felt overwhelmed and afraid of my business. 

Alison Simmons

Kelly Benoit

Being in Misty's group coaching programs have helped me develop the mindset, structure, systems & strategies to take control of my business & step into the leader my team needs & manage my time better so I can keep her family first. My favorite things about the Mastermind are how everything is shown in step by step implementation plans that you can customize for your own business & style and that I have so much access to Misty as my Business Coach & the members of the group whenever I needs help or support.

Kelly Benoit

I have learned so much about myself since joining Misty's programs. I now have a clear path to reach my dreams and my goals. With the support of the group & the skills I am learning, I now have the tools to accomplish everything I can dream of.

Jeanne Davis

The Success Foundation Course has had an immense impact on my business. I have a plan of action in my business and I can move forward in growth mode. I am so very grateful to Misty for her straight forward, thinking of every detail in the course. She is amazing!

Melissa Roberts

After completing the Success Foundation Course, I realized how much I had just been flying by the seat of my pants. I now have a plan in place and feel so much more confident! You have taught me so much Misty. Thank you for all this extremely valuable training! 

Stephanie Bora

Kim Teamer

Working with Misty & being part of her group coaching programs have helped me gain the knowledge, structure, confidence & self-belief to share my business with others, to be visible like never before and to manage my business like a business. I am able to confidently lead my team because I see myself as a CEO now. I have earned several advancements and my team has grown from from 3 members to almost 150! The coaching program was an investment in myself. The mindset shifts & personal growth along with the continual support & community have been invaluable!

Kim Teamer

Kyla Duguay

I had been wasting time, energy, resources & lots of money on my lack of systems for my business. The Direct Sales Success System has made a huge difference in my time management & how I plan and record for my business. The  training video on systems is invaluable! I am more organized and better able to manage my time. EVERYTHING I need is in this planner. I just find the form I'm looking for and print. Misty is always available for any questions I may have and I highly recommend the System to anyone in the direct sales industry.

Kyla Duguay

Ory Thompson

I've always appreciated Misty's humble, kind & down-to-earth style in her coaching & training. 

I have participated in several of her programs & have received a lot of value from all of them.

Misty goes far beyond what I'd expected with each training, group coaching call, communication in the member's FB group and being available for one-on-one questions too whenever I need extra support. 

Ory Thompson


Step into your most confident self, define success for yourself & create a plan for your best life & authentic success in your biz

CEO of Me Best Life and Business Planning Course and Workbook


Misty Dawn Kearns, CEO of Me

Welcome, I'm so glad you are here! I'm Misty Dawn Kearns, an introverted, creative, down to earth, small town girl from North Carolina who went from fired & broke to successful entrepreneur & CEO of Me®.  My mission is to encourage & empower other female entrepreneurs to step into the role of a CEO of Me® in their own life & business so they can enjoy a more confident & fulfilling life too.

I begin my journey as an entrepreneur when I was in elementary school selling custom made book covers, jewelry & friendship bracelets. I started my first real business when I was 25 in the direct sales industry. I joined initially for the discount and to be a kitnapper. However, I was fired from my job 3 months later and not having much self-confidence or self-worth but also not wanting to go back to the corporate world, I decided to give the direct sales business a try for a while.

I found out I loved direct sales, helping others, using my creative skills in my marketing & as a team leader. Within less than 6 months I had replaced my previous full-time income. I earned the keys & title to my own convertible 18 months later and  was named #17 for my leader level for the US & Canada a year after that!

I started a blog named CEO of Me® in 2011 to share what I was learning with others. This led me to creating a great community and having others asking me to coach and train them as well as sell some of my printable tools I had created for myself & my team.  At the end of 2015 I left my direct sales career to become a Coach & Mentor full time. (You can read the full story here about how my life got flipped, turned upside down & I became the CEO of Me® .)

Being a CEO of Me® isn’t only about building a successful business though. It’s about creating a life and business that you don’t need a vacation from because every day feels like your best day ever. It’s about stepping into your most confident self, digging deep into personal development, gratitude, being productive and balancing your life & business. Being a CEO of Me® is really about defining success for yourself and proactively creating your best life & business every day.

If you want to step into your most confident self, stand out from the crowd without losing who you are, desire to love and embrace being your unique self, to stop the hustle and chaos and start truly enjoying your BEST life and business YOUR way, then welcome to the CEO of Me® circle friend! You’re right where you belong! Get started now with my Best Life & Business Planning Course & Workbook today!  


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