A friend and I were chatting the other day about the challenges of going back to college as an adult.  She has recently decided to pursue a different degree in the hopes of obtaining a better job in a career that she loves.  I am so proud of her for making that decision. I still hope to go back and finish up my bachelor’s degree one day.  It is one of the biggest regrets that I have.

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I know the older I get, the harder it will be to go back to school though.  When you work full time, have a family and a house to keep up with, thinking about adding school to that schedule seems overwhelming.

I am grateful that we have the Internet and so many great online resources like Google, Wikipedia and studymode.com to help with finding information, researching and studying.  The online resources definitely make it easier. I know if I go back to school I will most likely be taking classes online / from home if possible which is definitely more convenient.

I still remember the days of pulling down the big encyclopedias and going to the library to dig through books and magazines to get information for a term paper or essay.  It would take forever to compile everything and come up with ideas. Not to mention that encyclopedias and running copies of articles you needed was expensive.

I am still trying to decide what degree I would pursue if and when I go back to college.  I have always been drawn to social studies, learning about people and how culture, lifestyle, situations and experiences make them who they are.

What about you, are you currently going back to school as an adult or thinking about it? Don’t you think the Internet has made it easier for both kids & adults to do better in school? Feel free to comment below!

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