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Bookings Training for Direct Sellers

Hey awesome direct seller, does this sound like you?

Struggling to get Bookings for your Direct Sales Party Plan Business
  •  You are struggling to get bookings & keep your calendar full of parties
  • You find yourself always worried about sounding or coming across as pushy or fake or bothering people
  • You are not sure what to say to people to get bookings or where to find people who actually want to host a party
  • You really hate playing those pushy dating games & making people feel tricked into booking a party
  • Your leads for party bookings has ran dry & no one is calling you back
  • You feel like your friends & family aren't interested in your business
  • You are not sure where to find new leads for bookings
  • You are having a hard time getting or keeping bookings from parties and events

Booking parties doesn't have to be so scary or difficult!

As an introvert & former top leader in the direct sales industry, I totally understand how uncomfortable it can feel to approach someone about having a party.  I know how frustrating it is to see empty spaces in your calendar and watch your income go up and down every month. I know you love your products & you want to be able to hold parties to build your business faster. I know how rewarding it is to spoil your hosts with freebies & be a blessing to the party guests during that fun time together.

Misty Kearns, Coach & Mentor

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Whether it's for a home party or an online/FB party (or class, demo, gathering, social - whatever you call it), you have to be able to get parties BOOKED in the first place before you can start seeing your business grow.

That's why I've put together this training to help you develop the confidence and learn the right wording to get people to say YES to hosting a party AND even ASKING YOU to book a party on their own!

You'll learn easy strategies that will help you FIND & ATTRACT hosts that are excited & ready to party,
a simple way to increase your confidence about sharing your business
& the right words to say without having to be pushy, cheesy or annoy people.

In this training you'll learn:

How to consistently have a full calendar of parties & increase your income

WHAT to say, HOW to say it & WHO to say it to without being pushy or annoying

How to attract party hosts & get people asking you to book their own parties 

How to step into the role of a CEO & Party Professional & increase your confidence

Multiple demonstrations, fun games & intriguing words to easily get bookings

How to confidently address concerns and overcome any potential objections

The Get Booked! training includes a 45+ min. video + workbook full of scripts, word choices, games, ideas & easy booking tips

It's time for you to GET BOOKED so you can:
confidently share your business,
easily fill your calendar,
grow your business
& build your income
while working smarter,
having fun & being a
blessing to more people!

Get Booked Party Training for Direct Sellers

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