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Sizzling Summer Success in Direct Sales
Training Class, Workbook & Activity List!

Available for FREE for a limited time only during June 2019!

six steps for sizzling summer success in direct sales training

Get ready for sizzling success all summer long in your direct sales biz with this
recorded training class, workbook and Summer Business Building Ideas printable!

In this Training you'll learn how to:

☀️Prep yourself for success this summer so you get consistent results

(and the exact tools you need in your business beach bag & how to use them!)

☀️Create a better schedule for busy summer months so you can work smarter without sacrificing all your summer fun & family time

(Work less hours but get more results - how does that sound?)

☀️Get more comfortable being visible & sharing your business with others

(you'll learn how to improve your confidence & move past your fears so you can show off your business like the girl who wasn't afraid of wearing that "itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny yellow polka dot bikini")

☀️Create a mobile office & work your biz while on the go

(because no one wants to stay chained to a desk/laptop all summer long...)

☀️Easily hold fun summer themed events, online parties, home parties & VIP group events to keep your calendar full

(seriously, these themes will explode your business & make it more fun for you & your customers!)

☀️Improve your host coaching for bigger results from home & online parties

 (your hosts won't have to turn into ghosts this summer if you use these technique)

☀️Generate local business & do vendor events that get HOT leads 

(your ideal clients & opportunities to grow your biz are everywhere!)

☀️Keep your team buzzing, building & growing all summer long too

(yes you can still welcome new team members and have big months of team sales during the summer too!)

🏖️You'll also learn dozens & dozens of ideas for fun summer themed events, team meetings, customer activities & content ideas to keep your social media, customer list, VIP Group & team engaged, buying, booking and growing

(you can customize these ideas to YOUR business and I share many examples for different types of businesses from skincare/cosmetic, wine/food/kitchen, jewelry/fashion/accessories, health/wellness & more!)

🍦PLUS get access to a Workbook for taking notes, printable Calendar pages for June-September AND a fun Summer Biz Building Bucket List printable to help give you ideas and stay on track with growing your biz all summer!

(am I the only one who loves a good workbook and printable checklist almost more than ice cream?)

six steps for sizzilng summer success training for direct sales
sizzling summer success in direct sales workbook preview

Hi friend! I'm Misty Kearns, Success Coach, Business Mentor & Founder of CEO of Me®!  I went from fired & broke to successful entrepreneur as a leader in the direct sales industry. In 2016 I became a Coach to help others learn how to step into the role of a CEO in their lives & business too.

As a Coach & Mentor, I help other entrepreneurs improve their mindset, habits, time management & marketing so they can enjoy more confidence, work smarter & grow their businesses organically. 

I've put together this training class and fun printable to give you the exact strategies, creative ideas and simple action steps to help you make your business SIZZLE not fizzle this summer.

Captions are also included for those who are visual learners or hearing impaired and the workbook will help you follow along, take notes and have a checklist and calendar pages to begin planning & take action right away.

Go ahead and sign up below for FREE access to watch the training class so you can start heating things up for success this summer!  You can view it on Instant Replay or sign up for a time that works best for you. If you miss the time you'll be sent the replay link to watch it afterwards too!



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