In today’s world, people have accepted the terms “Home Based Business” and “Work From Home.” Just one generation ago, these business concepts were rare and often frowned upon or not taken seriously in the business world. With so many women (and men) being the sole support of their families or contributing to the total household income now, working from home has been the key to many mothers & fathers who want to generate an income without having to commute to an office or a manufacturing facility just to collect a paycheck.

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Many business models adapt well to working from home, from telecommuting for a large company to being self employed or a consultant. Even the IRS has come to accept that many people have a home office and have updated their policies for defining a home office and allowing taxpayers to claim that expense on their taxes. But maintaining a home office does have its challenges. (For tips on ways to keep organized and create work spaces in small areas of your home check out these Simple Solutions to Common Home Office Problems.

Home based does not necessarily mean that you only work at home. For many people, having a home office is only needed for bookkeeping and paperwork, while the actual work is performed outside of the home. For example, businesses such as owning a vending machine franchise can be managed from a small home office with a computer and filing cabinet. The actual work involved for a franchise is establishing a route for placing vending machines, stocking the machines with product, collecting the money from the machines and performing regular cleaning and maintenance.

Vending machines are a convenience for customers, and are sought out in many locations such as hotels, shopping malls, gyms and airports. People trust vending machines to deliver the product that they can see for an affordable price without having to stand in a long line to purchase from a clerk.

Owning a vending machine business offers many advantages that are mom-friendly.

·  There is no need for a large amount of cash to get started.

·  Popular vending machine franchises can get you trained and started quickly.

·  Cash flow starts the minute your first customer makes a purchase.

·  Low overhead and low- or no – staffing requirements.

·  In most cases, you can make your own hours.

Other franchises are also suitable for a home based business, while some require an office or store front outside of the home due to the type of customers or clients served by that business. I learned a lot about franchising from the International Franchise Association and their web site. Even if you are not interested in buying a franchise and choose to go it alone, there are articles and tips on their site that can help anyone who plans to start a new business.

A home based business offers many advantages to a working mom. It’s just a matter of deciding what industry you want to work in and figuring out how to match your skill set with the right money-making opportunity.

 *This is a Guest Post by Sara Stringer

  • The ability to work in your own time and from the comfort of your own home is very appealing, and in the current economic climate, you may find you need some extra money just to pay the mounting bills. Thanks for sharing your informative article.

  • Great advice for knowing when you should franchise your business. It’s helpful to hear from someone who has had experience in the field to know what the next move should be. Thanks so much for sharing!

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