I am excited to share more information with you today about this month’s featured CEO of Me, Tracy Dickie. Tracy is a Managing Executive with Color by Amber.

cba tracy dickie logoTracy has been involved in Direct Sales for 4 years, initially joining to gain product at a reduced cost.  She has developed a love for the business side of direct sales. The fact that she (and others) can be an entrepreneur without the capital needed for a traditional business is a very appealing aspect of the business. Direct Sales has not only brought an additional source of income into her life but also a network of like-minded people.  Her direct sales business is her “fun job”.   It has given her an opportunity to meet many new people that are now very close friends and a way to challenge herself to step out of her comfort zone with things I would have never otherwise attempted.  Her direct sales business has given her not only the chance to be a business owner but to realize that she is control of her success and her setbacks as well as the rewards and income she earns based on the effort she puts forth.

Tracy has been with Color By Amber since they opened in Canada in August of 2014. When she was first introduced to the company she says she thought, “oh another jewelry company”.  She however quickly learned that they were so much more.  The company’s owner Talley Goodson believes so strongly in giving back to communities around the world and protecting the environment.  The company motto is “Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good” & she has seen that it is truly lived out through each and every stylist. Color By Amber and its parent company 3 Form have a 0% landfill policy seeing everything being either up cycled or recycled.  That along with the Full Circle program are the real reasons she says that made her fall love and be so passionate about what she gets to do as a Stylist with Color By Amber.

Her most favorite thing about Color by Amber is the Full Circle initiative where female artisans from around the world are paid to product beautiful interlayers that are then shipped to the US where they are encased in 3 Form resin and then hand crafted into the most beautiful, on trend jewelry designs.  Not only are the artisans paid for their work the company gives the communities 10% of the net proceeds.  Color By Amber works closely with these communities to determine their needs and helps to ensure sustainability and environmental protection.

cba eco

Her absolute favorite product would have to be Color by Amber’s “skinnies”.  These lightweight bracelets can be mixed and matched to make a bold and colorful statement or a more discrete design.  They are sized small, medium and large with no clasps and they truly don’t get in the way.  The resin makes them almost weightless and much less noisy then traditional bangles.  Since they are so lightweight, she no longer has a pile on her desk each day that has to be transported home!

cba skinnies

Right now, Tracy is most excited about their new Fall/Winter line for 2015 that launched August 1st.  She says “the vibrant fall colors mixed with new browns and gold’s make the thought of cozy sweaters a little more bearable.  (I live in Canada!)”

cba color boxColor By Amber offers something I (Misty) personally love: what they call their “Color Club” which is a monthly subscription box. I (Misty) have been a member for a couple of months now and love getting that box in the mail with gorgeous new jewelry.  The difference between this and other “autoship” programs is that you have the option each and every month to 1-Accept, 2-Decline, or 3-Gift.  I love that if there are items that maybe aren’t my style one month I can decline it and then pick right back up the next month.  Each month selection includes 2-4 pieces of jewelry worth approximately $65 USD / $72 CAN which has been exclusively designed for Color Club Subscribers.  If you like it you log in and accept and are then able to add anything from the current line to your shopping cart at 20% off and there is no additional shipping too. You can become a Color Club subscriber for $39.95 US ($65 value) or $56.95 CAN ($72 value) by following this link http://www.tracydickie.mycolorbyamber.com/shop/color-club .

I asked Tracy to share some advice or wisdom with my readers about building their own successful business. Her advice is: “The biggest tip that I could provide to anyone in direct sales is to work on you.  Never stop reading, listening and/or watching.  I have done more professional development since I began with Color By Amber than I ever have and I am truly finding that the more I focus on building my own skills the bigger and stronger my team becomes.  I can only grow through the books I read and the people I surround myself with so, I try very hard to make sure I am always reading/listening to something that will grow me and surrounding myself with positive, like-minded people who will help guide and push when needed.”

Thank you so much Tracy for being our featured member & sponsoring the Direct Sales Success Club Member’s Only Giveaway this month too! You can contact Tracy and connect with her on social media at the links below.

Tracy Dickie, Managing Executive with Color by Amber
Website: www.tracydickie.mycolorbyamber.com
Phone: 1-306-921-6405
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tracydickie.colorbyamber
Twitter: @tracyleadickie
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/tracyleadickie/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/tracydickie/

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