Lisa Eriksson Jamberry NailsThis month’s featured business owner has an amazing success story to share with you. Lisa Eriksson began her journey with Jamberry Nails nearly four years ago in October of 2011. When she joined she had to borrow money for the kit and her home was in foreclosure. Now, four years later she is an Elite Executive Leader with a team of over 46,000 people worldwide. To say that having a direct sales business has transformed her life is an understatement.

Lisa and I met earlier this year when she contacted me about taking my 8 Week Direct Sales Success Course with a group of her team leaders.  Lisa says that they loved the course and the systems they learned to create and implement step by step in their businesses. She and many of her team also use my Success Planner. (Thank you so much for that testimonial Lisa!)  I have been inspired by Lisa’s story and passion for her direct sales business and am excited for you all to learn more about her & her business too.

Lisa’s motivation for being involved in direct sales stemmed from the desire to be able to be home with her children. She has been able to enjoy the work at home lifestyle and so much more all because of “taking a leap of faith and giving it a try” as she & her husband describe it.  She chose Jamberry Nails initially because she loved the products and nail art. Lisa says she “loves that they are for any type of women age or background.” The product & product line are easy to use, demonstrate and share with others.  Now she feels like she has found a home with the company and is so grateful for all she has been able to enjoy because of her Jamberry business.

Jamberry Lisa Eriksson

Jamberry was founded in 2010 by three sisters who loved having pretty and stylish nails but desired to find a more cost-effective way to have gorgeous nails while also spending quality time together. Jamberry offers nail wraps/shields in over 250 designs that can be applied in just 15 minutes at home for a fraction of the price of a salon manicure. The wraps can last up to 2 weeks on fingers and 6 weeks on toes. Unlike traditional nail polish they won’t chip or stain the nail and require no drying time. Jamberry also offers a monthly Stylebox subscription where you can get new, stylish wraps each and every month. Learn more about Jamberry’s Stylebox here.

Lisa is really excited about Jamberry’s new TrūShine Gel Enamel System. It is a soak-off formula that goes on easy and gives a high-shine finish without fading or chipping. Jamberry states that “the TrūShine Gel Enamel System has everything you need to get a flawless gel manicure that lasts up to two weeks.”  Lisa is so excited about it that she is giving away a full TrūShine Gel Enamel System ($120 value!) to our Success Club Members for our giveaway this month! (Learn how to become a member & enter to win here.)

Jamberry Lisa Eriksson

Lisa has been honored to be recognized as one of the top recruiters worldwide in Jamberry for the past 3 years. (#3 Recruiter in 2015, #1 in 2014 & #2 in 2013).  She is also very excited to have been selected to be 1 of 12 Lead Executives to be named to the Jamberry General Advisory Board based on her advancement and consistency.

I asked Lisa to share some “secrets to success” with our community. Lisa said that one key thing she had learned and has always implemented in her business is to “never prejudge, because you never know who is ready to change their life.”  (This is definitely a success principle I have seen as truth in my own business.) You cannot judge someone’s potential. Offer the opportunity to everyone and then let them decide what to do with it. Lisa is always sharing Jamberry and the opportunity to enjoy the benefit of the products, to earn free nail wraps by hosting a party and to change your life with their business opportunity with everyone she can.

Jamberry Nails Lisa ErikssonYou might be thinking, really a team of 46,000 people, how do you get to that level? Lisa says she has always worked to foster a recruiting culture with her team. The opportunity is the focus. Many of the customers end up becoming consultants because the product is a simple concept and they realize how easy it is to market it because their friends are all asking them about their new nail designs so they are selling without even trying. She also believes in the power of duplication, in keeping things simple and training her leaders on what to do and how to do it.  She works with her top leaders and trusts them to duplicate those systems and leadership ethics with their own teams. She also has a zero negativity policy and tries to encourage that same positive mentality with all of her team. Lisa makes working with her team, staying in contact with them and helping them become successful her #1 priority.

Lisa says her favorite quote is: “Start today because in a year you will have wished you had.” It is incredible what Lisa has been able to accomplish in just a few short years with Jamberry. Now she gets to enjoy being a work from home mom to her kids and living a debt-free lifestyle.  Amazing things can happen when you have faith, decide to give something new a try and work hard to make a difference in the lives of others.

Thank you so much Lisa for sponsoring this month’s giveaway for the Direct Sales Success Club, for being an inspiration and most of all for all of your support of CEO of Me®! To connect with Lisa, shop online, book a party or join her team, visit her website and other social media links below.

Phone #: 763-856-5079

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