Featured Business Owner - Laura Dagenais, Thirty-One Independent Director

Featured Business Owner - Laura Dagenais, Thirty-One Independent DirectorOur featured business owner for March is Laura Dagenais, Independent Director with Thirty-One. Laura is a busy wife and mom of 3 small children. Laura joined Thirty-One in 2013 because she desperately needed something that was her own, something besides being a mom and wife that she could throw herself into and she also loved their bags.

She knew that Thirty-One was the right company for her because the products were functional and affordable and practical for moms like her. The company’s main mission of celebrating, encouraging and rewarding women was something she knew she could stand behind.

Laura’s favorite products are the large and deluxe utility totes. “They are perfect for so many things; groceries, laundry, beach trips, the park, the pool, organizing the home…the list goes on and on! All of Thirty-One’s products very functional and there a ton of uses for each product!”

Right now, Laura is very excited about the growth of her team and the impact she is having on the lives of others. She will soon be promoting to Senior Director and looks forward to helping her team continue to grow and achieve goals.

Featured Business Owner - Laura Dagenais, Thirty-One Ind. Director

I asked Laura how being involved in direct sales has impacted her life and she shared with me that it has completely changed her life. It has given her something to invest in and to see a return on that investment in so many different ways. She was able to quit her full time job a year ago and be self-employed full time, which is something she never thought would happen. “The friends I’ve made are priceless and I know that even if I stopped tomorrow, the connections I’ve made with my team, other teams, customers and hostesses will continue on.”

She says one of her favorite quotes is: “She turned her can’ts into cans and her dreams into plans”.  I love that quote and love seeing and hearing Laura and so many other’s stories of success, happiness and confidence due to building their own direct sales business.

Laura’s best tips for others in direct sales to be success are to: “Be passionate, set goals and believe in yourself. You can achieve anything if you set your mind to it. You are your own worst enemy! Get out of your own way and go get it!!”

Featured Business Owner - Laura Dagenais, Thirty-One Ind. Director

Laura is offering free personalization on any order placed on her website under the party listed as “Kristen Brown”. Place your order and she will adjust the price once she receive the email that the order is placed. Make sure you contact Laura via FB message or text and let her know that you ordered & mention CEO of Me for this offer.

Thank you so much Laura for sponsoring this month’s giveaway for the Direct Sales Success Club, for sharing about your business & tips for success and for your support of CEO of Me®! To connect with Laura, shop online or join her team, visit her website and other social media links below.

Website:  www.LaurasGotaBagForThat.com

Email: bagladyLD@hotmail.com

Phone #: 774-257-3196 (text is ok!)

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/groups/bagladyLD

Twitter: @bagladyLD

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/lauradkld/

Instagram: bagladyLD

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