This month’s featured business owner has been successfully involved in direct sales for over 18 years. Debra Chambers is an Independent Sales Rep/National Recruiter/Gold Leader with Avon. She began her business because she wanted to be able to stay home with her then four year old daughter and still make and income. After doing the math Debra realized that between meal allowance, clothing, travel, childcare & income taxes she would be making less than a dollar an hour working outside the home.

Featured Business Owner - Debra Chambers Avon I.S.RDebra had heard of Avon when she was in her late teens because her mom used their products. She had a friend who worked for 1 of Avon’s warehouses and had only heard good things about the company and what they stood for. After talking with another friend who was an Avon consultant, she attended a District meeting and decided to join.

Being with Avon for all these years has given Debra so many benefits because they have a lot to offer their representatives.  Avon offers so much.  One of the ways it has helped me is through Avon Scholarship program that is offered to all Representatives and their children and grandchildren.  Her daughter was able to apply for & earn a 2 year scholarship through the Avon Scholarship program that is offered to all representatives, their children and grandchildren. This allowed her to graduated college with her BA in Business without having any student loans.

Avon also has a savings program that representatives can participate in for as little as $10 per campaign.  Debra takes 20% of my leadership checks and put it in the account (it is like a 401, but the contributor is only you, Avon does not match).  This has helped her save a tremendous amount of money for her future.  Debra also enjoys discounts various partners offer to Avon representatives. In addition to the financial and family benefits, she has been able to earn numerous trips, incentives and other prizes over the years.

Debra loves how Avon’s products are always cutting edge in the skincare line. They have products that have been around forever such as Skin-So-Soft and have expanded their lines to include clothing, jewelry, products for children, women and men.  Avon also recently brought back their home line products due to popular demand by customers.  There are many options for customers to choose from and new brochures and sales begin every other week.

Featured Business Owner - Debra Chambers Avon I.S.R

I asked Debra to share what her favorite product(s) are and she said: “I am in love with the Anew Skincare Line.  We have products for every stage of your concerns regarding skincare from 20’s through 60’s.  I am a big fan of our jewelry, especially earrings.  I feel naked without my earrings.”

Debra is excited about Avon’s new programs that help new representatives get started and start earning right away either through sales or through building their teams.  When she first started Avon did not have these incentives to help motivate representatives to build their businesses.  She loves that Avon has listened to feedback from their representatives and truly wants them to be successful.

Featured Business Owner - Debra Chambers Avon I.S.R

Having been successful involved in direct sales for nearly 20 years, I was eager to hear what advice Debra had for other direct sellers. She said: “This journey is not easy, but if you believe in why you started it, you can be very successful.  You do not need to listen to others who are negative because they are the ones who are hoping you will not succeed just so they can say I told you so.  So go out there and do like I did and say “Watch Me”.”

If you would like to see what is new in Avon, you can visit Debra’s site at and register to receive specials through your emails.  Customers always receive free shipping on orders $40 or more and there are often other specials available. First time customers can use Code: WELCOME and receive 20% of 1st order of $60 too.

Thank you so much Debra for sponsoring this month’s giveaway for the Direct Sales Success Club, for sharing about your business & tips for success and for your support of CEO of Me®! To connect with Debra, shop online or join her team, visit her website and other social media links below.

Featured Business Owner - Debra Chambers Avon I.S.R

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