This month’s featured business owner is Debbie Dixon, Lead Consultant with Scentsy. Debbie joined Scentsy over 4 years ago. As a single mom whos daughters were getting older, she was looking for something to do with her free time. She didn’t know anyone in her area that represented Scentsy and decided to join and jumped right into the business.

Featured Business Owner - Debbi Dixon, ScentsyDebbie knew Scentsy was the right company for her because of how much she loves and uses the product herself. She is able to share her passion for the product from her heart.  “I always say that scent memories are some of the strongest memories you have.  Scents make us time travelers. One whiff can take you back in time to a special place or with special people that may no longer be around.  I love being four again, in my grandma’s kitchen, baking up a storm. Or being at the ocean for the first time. Or being age 16, on the school bus, smelling the cologne the hottie hunk in front of me was wearing, lol!  Scentsy fragrances do all that for me, and more, so for that reason, I love Scentsy!”

Her favorite product is Scenty’s wax bars. She also loves that she can take cubes, or portions of cubes, of two or more bars and mix them together to create her own scent recipes.  Debbie really enjoys doing that for her hostessess. She will create a signature scent to warm at their home party, and then gift them the remaining bar portions.

Scentsy offers electric warmers for melting their scented wax bars, home fragrance and personal care items as well as Scentsy buddies which are stuffed animals for kids that you can put a scent pack in. Scentsy has also just begun in the essential oil market, not in a therapeutic sense, but purely in an aromatherapy sense.  They offer three gorgeous diffusers, along with 21 all-natural oils. Debbie is really excited to be able to bring another facet to home fragrance, as she says she has “never wanted to “cheat” on Scentsy with using other companies’ oils and diffusing them for scent”!

Featured Business Owner - Debbie Dixon

Debbie said that being involved in direct sales has helped her not be as much of a homebody and gives her a way to socialize with other people and be more confident outside of  her comfort zone. She never realized how much she would enjoy doing parties and events. She lives getting to meet people and introducting them to Scentsy and connecting with other Scentsy lovers.

I asked Debbie to share some worse of advice for others about being successful in direct sales. She said “Don’t measure your own success by others’ success.  Decide for yourself what will make you feel successful, and start small…very few people are mega-stars right out of the gate.” She also shared that her favorite quote is: “If you can not serve as a good example, you will have to serve as a warning.” What a great reminder to always give and be your best in business and life.Featured Business Owner - Debbie Dixon

Thank you so much to Debbie for being our featured member. You can connect with Debbie at the links below. Debbie is offering that anyone who places an order on her website with the party titled – CEO of Me during June will earn a special gift mailed to them from her.



Phone #: 559.250.4191 (texting)

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