CEO of Me Direct Sales Success Planner and System

The CEO of Me Direct Sales & Party Plan Success Planner System

Watch the video to view an inside look at the pages and how the system works --->

-  Printable System you can customize to fit your business & personal needs

-  More than a Planner, it's a Toolkit that focuses on Implementing Systems for Success

- Use in a 3 ring binder, ARC system or A5/A4​ binder or have it coil bound

- Undated months in Sunday & Monday start - choose what works for you & print as many pages as you need forever

- Access to 5 Different Colors/Designs​

-Includes Video Course on Creating Systems & How to use & implement the Success Planner

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Direct Saless Success System Planner by CEO of Me - Get 5 Different Designs, 110+ Planning Pages & Worksheets, Systems Training Course + More!
Direct Sales Success Planner by CEO of Me
Direct Sales Success System Planner by CEO of ME
Direct Sales Success Planner by CEO of Me
Direct Sales Success Planner by CEO of Me
Direct Sales Success System by CEO of Me

To view the captions for the video, click on the CC button in the bottom right of the video player.

Features Templates, Worksheets & Training on 10 Systems
of Success + Bonus Personal & Planning Pages

Goal Setting & Planning

- Goals & Dreams Worksheet
- Mission Board
- Vision Board
- Company Incentive Worksheet / Progress Tracker
- Goal Worksheets & More!

Scheduling & Time Management

- Monthly Calendar Pages
- 4 Weekly Layout Page Styles
- 3 Daily Layout Page Styles
- Monthly Action Plan Worksheet
- Notes Pages (Blank & Lined)
- Weekly Task Lists
- Weekly Contact Lists & More!

Marketing & Branding

- Monthly Marketing Ideas Worksheet
- 100 Contacts Challenge Worksheet
- Social Media Planning Worksheets (Monthly and Weekly)
- Blog & Video Planning Worksheet
- Message Log & More!

Customers & Follow Up

- Contact Lists
- Customer Detailed Info & Follow Up Worksheet
- Customer Order History Sheet
- Sample Request
- Catalog Request
- Replacement / Missing Items
- Customer Order Forms & More!

Parties (Shows/Classes/Demos)

- Bookings Calendar + Worksheet
- Home Party Planning Worksheet
- Online Party Planning Worksheet
- Guest Info & Follow Up Worksheet
- Party Close Out / Totals Worksheet

Vendor Events

- Upcoming Vendor Events Tracking Sheet
- Vendor Event Planning Worksheet
- Vendor Event Lead Follow Up Sheet


- Fundraiser Planning Worksheet
- Fundraiser Lead Follow Up Worksheet


- Potential Team Member Info, Follow Up & Interview Worksheet
- Recruit Lead Follow Up Worksheet
- New Team Member Successful Start Onboarding, Business Planning Session & Follow Up Worksheet

Team Leadership

- Monthly Team Connections Worksheet
- Team Member Contact Info Sheets
- Team Meeting Ideas Worksheet
- Team Meeting Planning Worksheet
- Team Prizes Sheet

Business Management

- Important Business Information
- Business Income & Expenses Monthly & Annual Worksheets
- Business Growth Tracking Worksheet
- Mileage Logs
- Inventory Sheets
- Gifts, Giveaways & Donations Tracking Sheet
- Product Swaps Tracking Sheet

Also includes Cover Pages for Training & Personal Sections & Several Bonus Pages!

Section 10 - Business Management

- Printable Labels for Tab Dividers
- Printable Business Planning Labels
Yearly Project Planner
- Weekly Project Planner
- Year at a Glance Page
- Month at a Glance Page
- Personal Contacts Sheets
- Personal Spending Plan / Tracking Sheet
- Logins & Passwords Sheet
- Meal Planner 
- Gratitude Journal Pages
- Weekly Task Lists
- & More!

You'll also receive access to a Training Video Course on how to use the Planner, Create & Implement Systems so you can work smarter!

I will walk you through how my planner is set up, give you training and tips for how to use each section / system and the key pages in the planner in your own business. I give lots of bonus trips and training beyond just systems and organization in the training too! The training video series is 1 hour & 30 minutes. I'll also email you some bonus tips and training during your first 30 days of receiving the planner & a bonus gift for completing a survey after 30 days too!

All Calendar Pages are undated. You can fill in the blank with the dates. This means you can purchase the planner once, then print and re-use it for as many years as you like! Choose the pages you need to use for your business, print & set your planner up however is best for you in a 3 ring binder, ARC system or Filofax binder.

Direct Sales Success Planner by CEO of Me

What others have to say about the CEO of Me Success System & Business Planner:

"This planner helps me stay organized because I can print & arrange it according to my needs. My wine tasting events are more fun because I can keep track of what themes I have used, wines & pairings we have tasted and what really worked to make my tastings super fun. I have actually increased my bookings because I can make my tastings completely different every time & have all my repeat guests & hostesses (there are MANY MANY repeat guests & hostesses) "wowed" every time! I am so happy I found this site & planner!!!" Cheers! Laurie The Wine Lady, Traveling Vineyard

This planner helps me keep organized and has helped me increase my bookings & repeat customers!

I feel much more organized and a sense of relief as the chaos is finally under control, printed out in beautiful folders. I wake up to cheerful prints and a calm organized day. Misty has made this a no-brainer. It is simple, step by step/ easy to use but most importandly it is customizable. The fact you can print it for life is why I tried it, but regardless, now that I own it, I am very glad I have it.  - Celeste Eden, Color by Amber

The chaos is finally under control!

Misty's planner has so many different options, she made it easy to set up my planner to work in exactly the way I like to work. The pages have been laid out thoughtfully, and have really guided me towards running my business more like an actual business rather than just a hobby. I've been using this planner since December, along with the wonderful video series and webinars, and am already noticing that I now have a very different mindset than this time last year! - Debbie Dixon, Scentsy

The planner has guided me to running my business more like an actual business and not just a hobby.

I love the ease of this planner! I was able to select and print only the pages I wanted and needed to use. There are so many options for everyone to customize the way they want. And to have access to reprint as needed is amazing! Thank you! - Bridget Steding, Travelling Vineyard

I love the ease of use & ability to customize the planner!

"My CEO of Me planner has changed the way I operate my business daily. I feel so organized and I love it! I don't have all those sticky notes everywhere now because there is a section for every aspect of my business. Thank You Misty for creating such an awesome tool."
Kristen Heiman, Simply Said

I  don't have all those sticky notes everywhere now because there is a section for every  aspect of my business...

"The CEO of Me planner pages have helped me get organized while starting my business. Not knowing what I projects I would like to start and what I would need to have checklists for really helped me. It also led me to think about opportunities I have in building my business. New to direct sales, I have this whole new world of groups of people I can contact and so many different ways to make those contacts. What you're trained is to start with friends and family. But I didn't want to start that way...I wanted to start with new people I don't know yet and build from there. Mostly, because if I messed up, I'd never see them again! But the variety of sections and checklists (blogging checklist, party follow-up checklist, freebies, gifts, the goal setting sheets...just to name a few of the most helpful to me) gave me a way to prepare and be ready for anything that comes up and ideas for events I could do. I love parties, but my business doesn't grow on parties, so I have to be imaginative. Working with someone, like Misty, that has worked with so many different genres of businesses, makes her planner sheets very diverse!"
Victoria Poulides, AdvoCare Independent Distributor 

The variety of sections and checklists give me a way to be prepared for anything that comes up.

"This planner is thorough, well thought out and user friendly. I love the look scheme and layouts. One planner not to be without for and direct sales person. Customer service , Misty is amazing as well, very considerate and eager to help."  -A.B.

One planner not to be without for the direct sales person!

"I love my CEO of Me planner! I can customize it the way I like and all the helpful forms, direct sales pages are amazing. I had the hardest time picking a pattern because they are all so fun! Misty does great work and is there to answer any questions, such excellent customer service!"
Lindsey Pierce , Younique

Misty does great work and is there to answer any questions.

I am in love with my planner! I can print the pages I need, arrange them in my ARC planner in just the way that makes the most sense to me and it keeps me on track. I would suggest this system to anyone that needs help keeping track of business and personal life! - Brandi Vermillion, Pink Zebra

I would suggest this system to anyone who needs help keeping track of their business and life. I am in love with my planner!

I had been wasting time, energy, resources and lots of money on my lack of systems for my business. The direct sales planner has made a huge difference in my time management and how I plan and record for my business. The 2 hour training on the manual is invaluable! I am more organized and better able to manage my time instead of coming up with forms and ideas with the little time I have available. EVERYTHING I need is in this planner. I just find the form I'm looking for and print. Misty is always available for any questions I may have and I highly recommend this planner to anyone in the direct sales industry. - Kyla Duguay Ind. Thirty-One Consultant

The success system has made  a huge difference in my time management and how I plan and keep records for my business.

"I purchased this planner after a long and tiring journey of failed planners. I sell Avon and Honey and this was exactly what I was looking for to help me with my success. I can have a combined planner or individual ones for each business. I am so much more efficient and know exactly where orders are, and what my clients want. Finances are now clear and easy to understand. No more writing on the back of envelopes! Thank you so much Misty! - A.A.

I purchased this planner after a long journey of failed planners, now I am so much more efficient  & know where everything is! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Do you offer a printed, ready to use planner?                
Answer: No, currently I only offer the digital version planner which you must print yourself. The system is so customizable it is difficult to offer a printed planner at this time that would work for everyone. We are looking into different vendors to possibly offer a couple unbound printed versions in the coming year.

Question: I already have a calendar planner that I love, how is this different?
Answer: The CEO of Me Success System Planner is not really a "calendar" planner. It does come with multiple monthly, weekly and daily planning pages for those who want to use it for scheduling but it is really more of a Business Planner & Systems Toolkit for your Business since it includes sections, worksheets, checklists and tools to use to create and implement systems in all areas of your business so you can be more organized and work smarter.

Question: Can I buy this and then share the files with my team or other direct sellers?
Answer: No, your purchase entitles you to only ONE licence of the planner for your own personal/business use. The planner is copyrighted and sharing, selling, distributing, copying it to give or sell to someone else is illegal and also just not nice. I do however offer a very generous affiliate program where you can make a commission from referring others to purchase the planner.

Question: Will I have to purchase the planner again each year or when new designs come out?
Answer: No, you will continue to receive access to new updates, designs and pages as I release them for no extra cost! Also, all the calendar pages are undated so you can continue to print and re-use them year after year.

Question: I don't really do parties for my business, will this planner still help me?
Answer: Yes, absolutely! It is not focused on parties, parties is only 1 section of the planner. It is made to work for anyone in direct sales, network marketing or traditional party plan company to use to create & implement systems, get organized and work smarter.

Question: What if I already purchased a previous version of your planner? Do I get access to the new version?
Answer: Yes, you sure do! Just login to your member dashboard, click on Subscriptions and go to the download/access page for the planner to get to the new one and view the new training too.

About Misty & How the Planner was Created:

I started in direct sales 10 years ago for the discount with no intention of building a business. After losing my full time job and not wanting to go back to the corporate world, I decided to dive into the business. I was deep in debt and not sure what was going to happen, but I knew I wanted something more for my life and a career I could be passionate about. I found out I loved direct sales & my life was forever changed! I was able to replace my full time income in less than 6 months. A year after losing that job I earned my first free trip to Hawaii, then the keys & title to my own free convertible! As a top leader, I consistently placed in the top 20 Directors for my Region & even as #17 in the US & Canada for all of 2008-2009.

Direct Sales is about so much more than the income & prizes though. It is about using what you gain from the business to help you reach your goals and make a difference in other's lives. I have loved getting to be my own boss & am passionate about empowering others to be more confident, authentic & successful.

My true passion is empowering & teaching others how to build their own successful business. After being a Top Leader with my company for many years, I decided to become a Success Coach to help other direct sales professionals reach their goals and dreams too.

I created this planner specifically for my fellow direct sales professionals. The 10 systems for success, printable pages, tools and step by step methods included in this planner are the same ones I have used to build my business, stay organized and work smarter, not harder. In addition to the planner pages, I have included a  training video course on how to set up your planner & how to utilize each and every worksheet in each section/system to get more results in your business. 

The planner is just the start though, if you would like to receive additional coaching, monthly training and tools to support your business & personal growth, become a member of my Direct Sales Success Club. It's like a digital monthly subscription box for boosting your direct sales business in addition to being part of a group of like-minded, successful direct sellers for accountability & support! I would love the chance to connect with you & help you as you work to reach your goals.

Get ALL 5 Designs & the Training Video for only $57 
NOW ONLY $27 - Limited Time Savings!

All Calendar Pages are undated. You can fill in the blank with the dates. This means you can purchase the planner once, then print and re-use it for as many years as you like! 
You will also receive access to all future updates, pages, tools & designs at no additional cost.

Direct Saless Success System Planner by CEO of Me - Get 5 Different Designs, 110+ Planning Pages & Worksheets, Systems Training Course + More!
Direct Sales Success Planner by CEO of Me

*This is a printable planner / digital download product. Upon purchase you will receive an email with the digital download links and access to the video training. Please check your spam or promotions tab for the email.

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