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CEO of Me Direct Sales Success System Planner Business Toolkit

There are tons of apps, tools & programs for task management & business organization but there are many direct sales and network marketing specific activities that those apps aren't set up to help with.

And.... there are some of us who love paper, pens, stickers, planning, checklists and worksheets more than rainbows and unicorns​. (I mean, is there anything more exciting than checking off your tasks when you complete them in your planner? It's (almost) as rewarding as that first bite of dessert after you've been dieting for a month!)

That's exactly why I created this printable direct sales success system toolkit & business planner for my own business several years ago. I needed something to help me get organized and implement systems for the key areas of my busy business so I could stay on track, work smarter & be more productive.

Misty Kearns, Certified Coach
& Business Mentor

Over the past 3 years, thousands of direct sellers and network marketers have also been using this printable system & toolkit to implement systems & scale their business. It's not specific to any company or business and can be easily customized.

THIS IS NOT A CALENDAR PLANNER OR A PRINT ALL - ONE AND DONE - ONCE A YEAR - TYPE PLANNER.  This is a toolkit with over 75 different worksheets, templates, tracking and planning pages for all the key areas in your business. You can pick and choose which templates and worksheets you need for your own business, print them and print more as you need them.

There are monthly, weekly and daily calendar and planning pages in multiple layouts too for those want to also use it as a calendar planner during the year but the magic of this is in how it helps you create systems, stay organized and work smarter in the many different areas of your business like marketing, customers, follow up, events, parties, team building, finances and business tracking.

Direct Sales Success System Printable Planner CEO of Me - Chic n Pink

Chic n Pink Design

Direct Sales Success System Printable Planner CEO of Me  - Vintage Elegance

Vintage Elegance Design

Direct Sales Success System Printable Planner CEO of Me  - Berry Stylish Purple Design

Berry Stylish Design

It can be your all-in-one organizer for your business so you can get your act together, save time, work smarter, be more productive and rock your role as a CEO of Me® too!

The CEO of Me® Direct Sales Success System & Planner includes over 75 different templates, worksheets, planning pages and tools for Goals, Scheduling, Marketing & Lead Generation, Customers & Relationship Building, Parties (Home/Online/Classes/Demo's/Workshops/Gatherings/Whatever you call them), Vendor Events, Fundraisers, Recruiting & Onboarding, Team Leadership & Business Management.

These checklists, planning pages and worksheets are practical and also pretty! With NOW SEVEN gorgeous (but still ink friendly) designs, you can choose your favorite, match your personal style (or company / team colors) or switch them out each month, color code your systems and create something you love to look at and use too.

Included with the Success System is an in-depth, hour-long training video where I will show you how to set up your systems and exactly how to use each page and worksheet.

I'm also giving you bonus access to a Productivity for Direct Sellers Training Course to help you learn how to prioritize, create theme days, batch your tasks, be more productive, work smarter and get more results! Pretty and practical pages are nice, but I want to help you actually get your systems in place so you can stop wasting time & spinning your wheels.

Let's get you in control and feeling confident about the activities and actions you need to take to move your business forward every day.

Direct Sales Success System Printable Planner CEO of Me  - Wild at Heart Black Pink Zebra Design

Wild at Heart Design

Direct Sales Success System Printable Planner CEO of Me  - Sunny Pineapple Design

Sunny Pineapple Design

Direct Sales Success System Printable Planner CEO of Me  - Navy Dot Delight Design

Navy Dot Delight Design

How this helps you implement systems, get organized & be more productive:

The Goals Section helps you define success for yourself, create your vision for your life and business, formulate an action plan to follow through with your key milestones and activities needed to achieve your goals.  Pages included: 12 Month Goal Planner, Vision Board, My Best Life, My Goals & Dreams, Goal Planners

The Schedule Section allows you be more productive by prioritizing your activities, batching your tasks, implementing theme days and tracking your progress as well as your celebrations and gratitude. There are several layouts for the calendar pages and both Sunday and Monday start weeks are included so you can choose which one works best for you. Pages included: 2 Page width Monthly Calendar Pages, Monthly Action Plan, 2 Page width Weekly Calendar Pages, Notes Page, Daily Calendar Page

The Marketing Section sets you up with a solid plan each month to ensure you are generating new leads from different avenues online and in person. You'll be able to track and manage your interactions with new leads as well as your social media, video and blogging strategies. Pages included: Monthly Marketing Plan, Monthly 100 Contacts, Social Media Planner, Blog Post / Video Planner, Catalog Requests, Sample Requests

The Customer Section gives you the tools to make sure you are always building relationships and following up with your new leads, potential and repeat customers. We all know the fortune is in the follow up! Pages included: Weekly Contact List, Follow Up List, New Customer Info, Customer Profile, Order History, Phone Call/Message Log, Order Tracking, Gift Certificates, Replacements / Missing Items, Customer Order Forms

The Party Section helps you keep your calendar full and plan for those $1000+ parties with bookings and recruits whether you are holding an in home, online or catalog party (and whether you call it a party, class, demo or show). Pages included: Host Connections Tracking/Checklist, Booking Calendar, Home Party Planner, Online Party Planner, Guest Info/Tracking, Party Close Out, Theme Party Planner

Vendor Events are an easy, fun and incredible way to grow your business! This section includes pages to help you keep track of your upcoming events and make sure you have all the materials, tools, set up and info you need to have successful events. Pages include: Upcoming Events, Vendor Event Planner and you can use the Customer Info page from the Customer Section here too.

Fundraisers are another great way to market your business while giving back to your community and those in need. The Fundraiser section includes a planning page to help you with tracking your event information, strategy, totals and follow up. Pages include: Fundraiser Planner and you can use the Customer Info page from the Customer Section here too.

The Recruiting Section helps you with tracking and managing connections with your potential recruits, following up and systems to help you grow your team. You'll also have access to tools to help you with onboarding new recruits to help the get off to an amazing start. Pages include: Recruit Lead Follow Up Tracking, Team Member Onboarding Checklist/Tracking, Future Team Member Info, New Team Member Successful Start

The Team Leader section empowers you to empower your team with systems, tracking, planning and tools for preparing for team training, relationship building, connections and scheduling. Pages include: Team Member Connections, Team Member Info, Team Meeting Planner, Team Meeting Ideas, Team Prizes Tracking, Weekly Team Training Planner

As a CEO of Me, it's important we treat our businesses like businesses! The Business Sections gives you plenty of tracking pages, tools and checklists to keep up with your progress, track your income and expenses, inventory and more.  Pages include: Business Information, Logins & Passwords, Business Growth Tracking/Worksheet, Monthly Income & Expenses, Yearly Income & Expense Totals, Company Incentives & Prizes, Mileage Log, Gifts, Giveaways & Donations, Inventory

The final section in the Success System is the Training Section. You can use this section for the workbook and notes from the Schedule & Productivity Course, Planner Set Up Training  any other training handouts, checklists or tools from CEO of Me, your company or other resources. PLUS there are over 15 other bonus pages and worksheets included that are not listed above from blank Graph / 30 Day Tracking Pages to Month at a Glance, Weekly Theme & Daily Power Hours, 12 Month at a Glance, Daily Journal Page, Weekly Gratitude Page & more!

Vintage Elegance Design

Direct Sales Success System Printable Planner CEO of Me  - Navy Dot Delight Design
Direct Sales Success System Printable Planner CEO of Me  - Navy Dot Delight Design

There are currently 7 different designs available & 2 more being added in 2019!

BRAND NEW DESIGN! Blooming Faith! Comes with TWO Options - 1 standard with quotes and 1 with Bible Verses on the Calendar & Cover Pages

Chic n Pink

CEO of Me Direct Sales Printable Planner System Pink Peach Floral

Navy Dot Delight

CEO of Me Direct Sales Printable Planner System Navy Coral Mint Dots

Sunny Pineapple

CEO of Me Direct Sales Printable Planner System Pineapple Planner

Wild at Heart (Zebra)

CEO of Me Direct Sales Printable Planner System Zebra Pink Zebra Planner

Berry Stylish (Purples)

CEO of Me Direct Sales Printable Planner System Purple Berry Stylish

Vintage Elegance (Black & White)

Direct Sales Success System Printable Planner CEO of Me  - Navy Dot Delight Design

This is much more than a printable business planner though!
You'll also receive access to a over 2 Hours of Training Videos where I will show you how to create systems and use each page/section of the toolkit AND my Productivity Training Class with 8 Ways to Work Smarter in Direct Sales for FREE!

Watch the Video Below to see the System Pages Up Close!

Ready to Get Organized? Purchase your Success System Now & Get Immediate Access to the Digital Download & the Systems & Productivity Training for only $37!

SPECIAL - Each Design Now Only $27 (No Coupon Needed)

 Or you can GET ALLLL the designs currently available AND ALLLL the new designs
that come out each year for a one time purchase price of only $97! (Save 55%!)

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All sales final. No refunds. This is digital product & meant for personal use only. You will receive an email with the link to access to the download links & Training Videos after completing your purchase. By purchasing you agree to our terms.  For help, support or additional questions, email

What others have to say about the Success System:

This system helps me keep organized and has helped me increase my show bookings & repeat customers!

This system helps me stay organized because I can print & arrange it according to my needs. My wine tasting events are more fun because I can keep track of what themes I have used, wines & pairings we have tasted and what really worked to make my tastings super fun. I have actually increased my bookings because I can make my tastings completely different every time & have all my repeat guests & hostesses (there are MANY MANY repeat guests & hostesses) "wowed" every time! I am so happy I found this site & planner!!! Cheers!  -  Laurie The Wine Lady, Traveling Vineyard

The chaos is finally under control!

I feel much more organized and a sense of relief as the chaos is finally under control, printed out in beautiful folders. I wake up to cheerful prints and a calm organized day. Misty has made this a no-brainer. It is simple, step by step/ easy to use but most importandly it is customizable. The fact you can print it for life is why I tried it, but regardless, now that I own it, I am very glad I have it.  - Celeste Eden, Color by Amber

Wild at Heart Design (includes 2 cover page options, black or pink)

The planner has guided me to running my business more like an actual business and not just a hobby.

Misty's planner has so many different options, she made it easy to set up my planner to work in exactly the way I like to work. The pages have been laid out thoughtfully, and have really guided me towards running my business more like an actual business rather than just a hobby. I've been using this planner since December, along with the wonderful video series and webinars, and am already noticing that I now have a very different mindset than this time last year! - Debbie Dixon, Scentsy

I love the ease of this planner & the ability to customize it for my business!

I love the ease of this planner! I was able to select and print only the pages I wanted and needed to use. There are so many options for everyone to customize the way they want. And to have access to reprint as needed is amazing! Thank you! - Bridget Steding Pruvit

Navy Dot Delight Design

I  don't have all those sticky notes everywhere now because there is a section for every  aspect of my business...

"My CEO of Me planner has changed the way I operate my business daily. I feel so organized and I love it! I don't have all those sticky notes everywhere now because there is a section for every aspect of my business. Thank You Misty for creating such an awesome tool." -Kristen Hieman, Simply Said

I would suggest this system to anyone who needs help keeping track of their business and life. I am in love with my planner!

I am in love with my planner! I can print the pages I need, arrange them in my ARC planner in just the way that makes the most sense to me and it keeps me on track. I would suggest this system to anyone that needs help keeping track of business and personal life! - Brandi Vermillion, Pink Zebra

The success system has made  a huge difference in my time management and how I plan and keep records for my business.

I had been wasting time, energy, resources and lots of money on my lack of systems for my business. The direct sales planner has made a huge difference in my time management and how I plan and record for my business. The 2 hour training on the manual is invaluable! I am more organized and better able to manage my time instead of coming up with forms and ideas with the little time I have available. EVERYTHING I need is in this planner. I just find the form I'm looking for and print. Misty is always available for any questions I may have and I highly recommend this planner to anyone in the direct sales industry. - Kyla Duguay Ind. Thirty-One Consultant 

Berry Stylish Design

Frequently Asked Questions:

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    Question: Is this a physical product or digital download? How will I receive it? Answer: This is a printable planner only. It is a digital download via a zip file and all files are PDF files.  Once you purchase, you'll receive an email with your access info and you can download it from your member's area on my website. I do not offer a printed version of it. This system is customizable and meant for you to use the pages you need, skip the ones you don't and print more as you need it for years to come.
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    Question: I already have a calendar planner that I love, how is this different? Answer: The CEO of Me Success System Planner is not really a "calendar" planner. It does come with multiple monthly, weekly and daily planning pages for those who want to use it for scheduling but it is really more of a Business Planner & Systems Toolkit for your Business since it includes sections, worksheets, checklists and tools to use to create and implement systems in all areas of your business so you can be more organized and work smarter.
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    Question: Can I buy this and then share the files with my team or other direct sellers?  Answer: No, your purchase entitles you to only ONE licence of the planner for your own personal/business use. The planner is copyrighted and sharing, selling, distributing, copying it to give or sell to someone else is illegal and also just not nice. I do however offer a very generous affiliate program where you can make a commission from referring others to purchase the planner.
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    Question: Will I have to purchase the planner again each year?
    Answer: You will have lifetime access to whatever design you purchase (or all designs if you choose the Premium Access option). You can login to your account to re-download it anytime. The calendar pages are undated so you can print it again year after year and will not need to purchase a new one.
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    Question: I don't really do parties for my business, will this planner still help me?  Answer: Yes, absolutely! It is not focused on parties, parties is only 1 section of the planner. It is made to work for anyone in direct sales, network marketing or traditional party plan company to use to create & implement systems, get organized and work smarter.
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    Question: What if I already purchased a previous version of your planner? Do I get access to the new version?
    Answer: If you purchased the previous version of the Success System before April 30, 2018 or purchased the Premium Access option, you will have access to all current and upcoming designs.
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    Question: What size are the pages? Is this set up to be printed for smaller planners like the Happy Planner or A5/A4 size planner?  Answer: The files come in 8 1/2 x 11 full page size. You can use Adobe PDF to "print to scale" option and print the pages smaller to fit the standard 7x9 planners like the Happy Planner or smaller for A5/A4 and simply trim the excess of the page.  We find that the worksheets are best suited for at least 7x9 or larger size binders.
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    Question: Can I have this printed at Office Depot or other stores or somewhere online? Answer: Yes. You will receive a single licence copy of the planner files and you may have it printed at any copy shop in person or online. However, we find that it is best to print ONLY the pages yourself as you need them and print more each month or quarter rather than having it printed in a mass bundle somewhere. The Success System is set up for you to create a customized toolkit and organizer suited especially for your own business needs. You will most likely not use all of the pages and may need more of 1 page than another.  We  recommend the HP Instant Print Printers & Instant Ink Program as a very affordable option for printing at home. The printers are $40-80 and you can print 100-400 pages a month for as little as $4-10 a month which is way more affordable than having it printed somewhere.

Sunny Pineapple Design

More about Misty & How the Success System was created:

Misty Kearns, Certified High Performance Coach &
Founder of CEO of Me®, Introvert, Systems Geek, Night Owl, Passionate about helping other women gain confidence & work smarter

Building your own successful
direct sales business doesn't have to be stressful or overwhelming! Let 
me help you work smarter, be more productive, get organized and manage your biz like a CEO! 

Hello there, I'm Misty Kearns, Coach and mentor for direct sellers and network marketers! I'm a small town girl who loves the beach & hates getting up early. I'm an introvert who struggles with self-confidence & not being a perfectionist. I never dreamed I would build a career in direct sales & leadership much less become a Business Coach. 

I started in direct sales in 2006 for the discount with no intention of building a business. Back then I was 24/25 years old. I didn't have any confidence and I thought there was no way, Jose that I could speak in front of people much less be a team leader! After losing my full time job (cough, cough, actually getting fired...) and really, really (did I say really?) not wanting to go back to the corporate world, I decided to dive into my direct sales biz until I figured out what I was going to do next.

I was deep in debt and not sure about this whole direct sales thing, but I knew I wanted something more for my life and a career I could be passionate about. I found out I loved direct sales & my life was forever changed! I was able to replace my full time income in less than 6 months. A year after losing that job I earned my first free trip to Hawaii, then the keys & title to my own free convertible! As a top leader, I consistently placed in the top 20 Directors for my Region & even as #17 in the US & Canada for 2008-2009.

Direct Sales is about so much more than the income & prizes though. It is about using what you gain from the business to help you reach your goals and improve your life. It's about building your own confidence, being part of a supportive tribe and making a difference in other's lives. I have loved getting to be my own boss & it's a true joy to get to inspire others to be more confident, authentic & successful too.

My true passion is empowering & teaching others how to build their own successful business too. After being a Top Leader with my company for many years, I started this little blog called CEO of Me® to share my journey, tips and ideas. This led me to begin selling some of the custom tools and templates I had created for my own business. I realized that I was being called to move on from my direct sales career and become a coach so that I could help other direct sales/network marketing professionals reach their goals and dreams too. 

The first version of the Success System / Planner was something I created for myself and my team to help us all manage, track and organize our businesses.  I called it the "Business Binder" back then and it was more specific to the direct sales company I was with. After networking with other direct sellers, they started asking me to share my planner pages and checklists, I created a generic version and began selling it online in 2014.

The Success System has evolved, improved and increased in pages as well as improved designs since then as I have received a lot of feedback, page ideas and requests. Plus I love designing and enjoy creating pretty and functional tools that help others!

In addition to the printable pages/system you'll also get access to training videos where I will show you how to create an efficient schedule, how to prioritize, how to utilize this system and other tools to reduce the chaos and frustration so you can increase your productivity & results. I know if you implement this system you'll be able to work smarter too, just like the thousands of other direct sellers who are using the CEO of Me Success System.

Chic n Pink Design

Ready to Get Organized? Purchase your Success System Now & Get Immediate Access to the Digital Download & the Systems & Productivity Training for only $37!

SPECIAL - Each Design Now Only $27 (No Coupon Needed)

Or you can GET ALLLL the designs currently available AND ALLLL the new designs
that come out each year for a one time only purchase price of only $97! (55% savings!)

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All sales final. No refunds. This is digital product & meant for personal use only. You will receive an email with the link to access to the download links & Training Videos after completing your purchase. This is not a typical calendar planner - it is meant to be used more as a bundle of templates and a way to create a customized toolkit and business planner for your own business for you to print only the pages you need as often as you need them. By purchasing you agree to our terms.
For help, support or additional questions, email​​

Copyright 2019. Misty Kearns, CEO of Me® , LLC. All rights reserved.  

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