Creating an Effective Tag Line and Elevator Pitch for your Blog or Small Business

I am super excited to be teaming up with 100 other bloggers in learning how to improve our blogs! We have been going through books by Darren Rowse from ProBlogger like Guide to Your First Week Blogging, 31 Days to a Better Blog and Secrets to Creating a Six Figure Blog.  The focus this week is to “write an elevator pitch”.

If you aren’t familiar with what an elevator pitch is – it’s basically your tag line or mission statement in a short, concise and catchy few sentences. You should be able to say it in the time it takes to ride an elevator, so less than 1-2 minutes. It should spark interest and entice the customer or reader to want to learn or read more.

Creating an Effective Tag Line and Elevator Pitch for your Blog or Small Business


“Creating visibility is not about generating linkage.  It’s about creating buzz.  It’s about getting people to talk about you and the things that are unique to you.” – Michael Martinez of mentions in this article about Elevator Pitches.

Your tagline and elevator pitch will come from your vision / mission statement for your blog. If you already have a tag line for your business or if you wrote your vision / mission statement last week, now is a great time to fine tune it. You can narrow it down to just a couple of catchy sentences.  I recently changed my tagline to “lessons and laughter for life & business from a self-employed small town girl”.  I hope that conveys what my mission and goal is for the site and what my readers can expect. Your elevator pitch is going to be an expansion on what your tagline says. Your tagline should only be a few words or one sentence. Your elevator pitch is going to go just a little farther and give a little more information about your blog.

Your tagline will be much shorter than your elevator pitch.  Consider the short and sweet ones like “Mmm Mmm Good!” from Campbells or “Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun with Doublemint Gum”. Do you see how effective and memorable a strong tag line can be for your business, blog or brand?

Darren talks about how the other aspects of our blog (or your small business’ web site) should be built around and consistent with on our tagline, even down to our blog’s design. As a former web designer and as a reader of many blogs, I couldn’t agree more. I recently gave my blog a makeover because I wanted it to look more professional, classy and streamlined while still having elements that were personal, bright and that matched my personality.  I think it’s very important that our blogs are visually appealing and easy for the reader to read and find material on. It’s all about building a consistent brand!

The key things I learned about creating & using an effective elevator pitch:

– It should be short, sweet and simple.

– It should be catchy & memorable.

– It’s ok to use humor and personality.

– It should quickly and clearly define what your blog is all about and what your readers can expect to experience or enjoy from your blog.

– It should be posted on your blog or website either in your header or somewhere prominent where readers see it right away.

– It should be brief enough to fit on and also be added to your business card.

– You should use your tagline /elevator pitch everywhere including your social media profiles and your email signature to keep your branding consistent.

This doesn’t apply just to blogs though! Every small business should have a tagline and / or elevator pitch. My tagline I used for my direct sales kitchen products business was “Saving you time, taste, waste, money and space!’.  The tagline I decided on for my Web Design Business was “Helping you get the vision of your perfect blog or website out of your head and onto the web!”  For my coaching business I don’t really have a short tag line but I do have a shortended version of my mission statement which is “My mission is to encourage & empower other female entrepreneurs to step into the role of a CEO of Me® in their own life & business so they can enjoy a more confident & fulfilling life too.”

What is your tag line or mission statement / elevator speech for your blog or small business?  How do you show the solutions and services you provide, the overall vibe of your business in your tag line or other branding?

Misty Kearns. 2012

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